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Sea port : Felixstowe

one of the important shipping hub in European sea port, also the most common seaport when shipping to UK

Felixstowe is one of the UK Sea ports, the port code is GBFEL. The coordinates of the Felixstowe seaport located at latitude: 51.961726 and longitude 1.351255.

Felixstowe (FELIXSTOWE) is located in the United Kingdom, about 18km away from Ipswich (IPSWICH), and is the largest container port in the United Kingdom. As early as July 1967, it became the first specialized container port in the United Kingdom. In 1972, the container water-rail combined transport was opened to connect with major industrial cities in the United Kingdom. The port is the loading and unloading terminal for container ships on the British-Atlantic route. There are daily container feeder service to different ports such as Hull, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Southampton, and London. It is also a car ferry terminal from the UK to Continental Europe and Scandinavia. The main terminal berths in the port area are as follows: terminal name berth (units) shoreline length (m) maximum water depth (m) DRY CARGO DOCK (dry cargo dock) 3 518 5.4 CONTAINER (container) 3 618 10OIL QUAY (oil terminal) 2 335 108 1471 Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, portable cranes, container cranes, truck cranes, forklifts, trailers and ro-ro facilities. The port has special terminals for multi-purpose, container, roll-roll and roll paper, and modern loading and unloading equipment. The container terminal is the largest reliable container ship of 50,000 dwt, which can simultaneously load and unload 3 ultra-wide Panamax vessels with 7 gantry cranes. The oil terminal is a 25,000-dwt tanker. The main imported goods at the port are fertilizers, machinery, paper, fruits, beer and chemicals, and the main export goods are motorcycles, wine, metal products, food and chemicals.

Sea Port – London Gateway Port

one of the important shipping hub in European sea port, also the most common seaport when shipping to UK

London gateway port is one of the UK Sea ports, the port code is GBLGP. The coordinates of the London Gateway seaport located at latitude: 51.5049439 and longitude 0.4845387.

London Gateway Port is located 40 kilometers east of downtown London and can be reached from the Greater London Ring Highway. The London Gateway Port was opened in 2012. It opened in the fourth quarter of 2013. The third berth will be opened in the second half of 2016 and the port will be upgraded. The capacity and ability of the project.  6 berths will be built.

London Gateway Port brings the largest ships back to London, close to one of the largest consumer markets in Western Europe. In addition, they load and unload these ships in a safer, more efficient and reliable way than ever before. This is the most advanced and best-positioned deep-sea port in the UK, which has accelerated benefits to British trade.

London Gateway Port provides good accessibility and is the best tidal channel in the UK; it is connected to the north, south, east, and west by an eight-lane highway, as well as the largest port railway terminal in the UK, with high-density channels for access The main railway hub in the UK. The most advanced benefit is the London Gateway Port has excellent weather resistance record compared to other deep sea ports. Automatic stacking cranes provide market-leading turnaround time for maximum efficiency for sea shipping to UK. Both high-efficiency production deep water berths can handle The largest container ship, and as the ship gets bigger and bigger, the ship is still able to operate.

The London Gateway Port is operated by DP world, one of the world’s largest terminal operators, and has the following 5 major advantages.

1. The Gateway Port of London can reduce the cost of exporting Asian goods to the UK.

2. Compared with other ports that can call the world’s large ships, the London Gateway Port is closer to the consumer market in the central and northern parts of the UK.

3. It is located in the world-class eight-lane highway network costing billions of pounds to build in the UK

4. With innovative and efficient railway freight stations and branch line transportation services, it is located in the most ideal location in the entire UK.

5. Six deep-sea container anchorages can hold 3.5 million additional standard containers.

Sea Port – Southampton

One of the important shipping hub in European sea port, also the most common seaport when shipping to UK

Southampton is one of the UK Sea ports, the port code is GBSOU. The coordinates of the Southampton seaport located at latitude: 50.9097004 and longitude -1.4043509.

Southampton is an important ocean-going trading port in the UK trade. There are railways and roads that go directly to London and serve as the other part of London. There are ferries connecting the Channel Islands, the Isle of Wight and France. It is one of the largest shipbuilding and ship repair centers in the country, with a huge dry dock. There are oil refineries, as well as aircraft manufacturing, electric motors, cables, automobiles, plastics, and synthetic rubber industries.

Railway Port – Immingham

Immingham is one of the UK arrival railway station in China Europe train, in addition to the most common inland seaport when shipping to UK. The port code is GBIMM. The coordinates of Immingham is located at latitude: 53.614012 and longitude -0.215913. It is an important hub for inland points in Europe. IMMINGHAM is located in the southeast of UK about 8km from GRIMSBY Port, and on the southwest side of NORTH SEA. It is one of the main ports for crude oil in and out of the eastern United Kingdom. IMMINGHAM consists of a riverside wharf and a dug-in harbor basin. Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, bridge cranes, truck cranes and ro-ro facilities. The oil terminal is equipped with oil pipelines with a diameter of 101.6~304.8mm for loading and unloading. The coal terminal is reliable for ships of 30,000 deadweight tons, which can dock 7 ships of different sizes for simultaneous operations, with a daily loading and unloading rate of 25,000 tons. The ore terminal is a reliable ship of 70,000 dwt, which can unload 2,000 tons of ore per hour. The open-air storage yard has an area of ​​320,000 m∧. Grimsby Port has a railway to the industrial area in central England, mainly for ships entering and leaving Scandinavia (S-CANDINAVIA). The main export goods of Immingham Port are coal, crude oil, chemical fertilizers, vehicles, machinery, paper, textiles, steel products and sundry goods, etc. The main imported goods are crude oil, ore, pulp, sulfur, ammonium sulfate, wood, potash, petroleum products and Groceries etc. The main imported goods of Gegang are bacon, butter, chemicals, fish and steel products, etc. The main export goods are vehicles, machinery, textiles, etc. Due to the increasing loading and unloading of coal and ore, the Immingham port authorities are expanding warehouses and loading and unloading equipment.

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