Advanced GPS Tracking for One-Way Container Leasing & Used Shipping Line Containers

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At Super International Shipping, we’re pioneering the future of global logistics with cutting-edge asset tracking solutions. In partnership with ZillionSource, the global leader in IoT supply chain and ultra-long-term asset tracking, we’re revolutionizing supply chain visibility for one-way container leasing and used shipping line containers.

Real-time Asset Tracking for Any Freight Mode

Our GPS tracking devices, powered by International based robust IoT platform, are purpose-built for seamless integration with all types of freight – sea, air, and rail. This allows us to provide unparalleled visibility and control for all our customers, regardless of their freight mode:

  • Sea Freight GPS Tracking: Secure maritime shipping with real-time location updates, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your sea freight operations.
  • Air Freight GPS Tracking: Stay ahead of the game with real-time tracking of your air cargo, from lift-off to landing.
  • Rail Freight GPS Tracking: Ensure secure and timely rail freight delivery with our GPS tracking solutions, providing accurate location tracking across extensive rail networks.

Tailored GPS Tracking for Leased and Used Containers

We understand that each client has unique needs and challenges. That’s why we’ve tailored our GPS tracking solutions specifically for clients using our one-way container leasing service or used shipping line containers:

  • One-Way Container Leasing: Our GPS tracking devices ensure real-time visibility and security for your leased containers, regardless of their journey across global trade routes.
  • Used Shipping Line Containers: Even for older containers, our tracking devices offer robust and reliable real-time location and status updates. This enhances the control and security of your goods, regardless of your container’s age or condition.

Tailored GPS Solutions for One-Way Container Leasing and Used Shipping Line Containers

We’re not just freight forwarders; we’re technology innovators committed to redefining the logistics landscape. Our cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions are a testament to our dedication to bring you the best in freight management technology.

Experience real-time asset tracking, improved security, and unparalleled control over your freight, regardless of the mode of transportation or the type of container used. Whether you’re using our one-way container leasing service or used shipping line containers, our GPS tracking solutions are designed to cater to your individual needs.

Join us on this journey towards a more transparent, secure, and efficient future for freight. Contact us today to learn how our GPS tracking solutions can revolutionize your logistics operations. Step into the future of freight with Super International Shipping.


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