Expo and Exhibition Shipping

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Your One-Stop Logistics Solution for Exhibition Transportation in Hong Kong and Beyond

As a professional exhibition transportation solution provider, our company specializes in the logistics of exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, and internationally. We handle full transportation, warehousing, booth set-up and tear-down, customs entry and exit, and all points in between. The customer can leave their freight to us from their very first inquiry to the point of exhibition breakdown, we are their one-stop logistics center for all of their exhibit needs.

Hong Kong is a major international trade fair and exhibition center, with a number of international exhibitions taking place every year. As the most convenient logistics hub in China and the fastest growing exhibition and convention destination in Asia, Hong Kong attracts a huge number of exhibitors from countries around the globe. In order to facilitate their arrival and stay during their time here in the city, we offer Hong Kong exhibition transportation solution services.

ATA Carnet Application for Expo and Exhibition Shipping

We specialize in expo and exhibition shipping, including submitting applications for ATA Carnet documents (5 working days for complete information), temporary import and export customs entry into and from the ATA Carnet area, full transportation and warehousing services for your cargo during the exhibition period, booth set up and tear down, customs clearance services upon return from the show floor, and even converting your carnet into Hong Kong insurance for temporary import/export requests for your cargo.

Insurance For Expo And Exhibition Shipping

We provide exhibition insurance options on a per-exhibition basis. We understand that accidents might happen at exhibitions—and that you need to ensure your precious cargo is protected from damage at all times You can inquire with us today about this optional service.

Advantages for Expo and Exhibition Shipping

With ATA Carnet, importers and exhibitors can smoothly handle Hong Kong exhibition transportation. Most of the time, an exhibitor will provide a door-to-door pickup service. However, in some cases where it is hard to find a pickup service or the exhibitor can’t provide a pickup service, they may need to arrange the China-Hong Kong transportation by themselves. In this case, they should complete the customs declaration (form E) and the China-Hong Kong transportation arrangement (form K). The importer then needs to submit these two forms to customs together with other documents. After customs verifies these two forms, they will stamp and issue an ATA Carnet certificate to the importer. This certificate will be used when picking up goods from Hong Kong.

When it is time for exhibition to end, exhibitors usually dismantle their booths and transport them back to China by sea or air. When dealing with exhibition dismantling transportation, no ATA Carnet certificate will be required since there is no change of carrier.

In recent years, many companies have begun to send their products or models to exhibitions or events overseas, such as the exhibition of new products, with the purpose of promoting the promotion of brand development. However, this task is not easy to complete. The exhibitors must prepare a number of documents related to customs declaration and clearance and must also hire an agent who can provide services in customs clearance work. The exhibitors can do nothing but wait for the return of their goods, and the costs are very high. In addition, there are problems with long delivery time and long queues for unloading at customs inspection. Therefore, we have provided a service to solve these problems.

In order to solve these problems, we have provided a service that solves these problems by offering an expo and exhibition shipping service that helps exhibitors send goods abroad with low-cost and low-risk services. Using our own logistics network in Hong Kong and abroad, we will provide a full range of exhibition shipping services that allow you to achieve your goal of participating in exhibitions successfully!

Shipping Requirements For Expo And Exhibition Shipping

In order to ensure the delivery of your products and cargo to an exhibition on time, please carefully read the following shipping guidelines.

  1. Please prepare the name, number, weight, volume, exhibition date, exhibition number of the goods to be exhibited before inquiring
  2. In order to ensure the delivery to the exhibition on time, please reserve time in advance to prepare enough time to respond to various situations, such as the extension of customs clearance time due to customs, weather conditions, holidays and other factors.
  3. A list of exhibits must be provided 10 days before the event and sent to our company for customs declaration.
  4. When picking up the goods, you need to provide the admission card, exhibition booth number, and moving permit to our company (if you do not have the above documents, please inform us in advance and make contingency suggestions).

Scope of exhibitors: electronic products, toys, electronics, household goods, printing, lighting, building materials, beauty equipment, furniture, machinery and equipment, etc. in and out of Hong Kong and international exhibitions.


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