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Railway Port – Liege

One of the Belgium arrival railway station in China Europe train, the port code is BELGE. The coordinates of Liege located at latitude: 50.6325574 and longitude: 5.5796662. It is an important hub for inland points in Europe.

Liege is located in the center of Europe. It is a metropolis in the “Euregio” region of the Meuse-Rhine basin, which includes Liege, Aachen and Maastricht. The city of Liège is located in the very center of a network of seven branch roads on the London-Brussels-Berlin TGV road, only 30 kilometers away from the Netherlands and 45 kilometers away from Germany. The Port of Liege is the third largest river port in Europe, a conference center, a host for international events, and the economic center of the Walloon residential area.

Seaport – Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the main Belgium sea port when shipping to Belgium, the port code is BEANT. The coordinates of Antwerp located at latitude: 51.2194475 and longitude 4.4024643. It is an important hub of European sea ports. The largest commercial sea port in Belgium. Located in the lower reaches of the Scheldt in the north of the country. 127 nautical miles from Antwerp to Calais, 177 nautical miles to Tilbury, 117 nautical miles to Rotterdam, and 383 nautical miles to Hamburg. There are railways, roads and rivers that run through industrial and commercial cities such as Brussels and Liege, and there are international airports. The port area is mainly distributed around the inland waters on the right bank of the river. The water area is 1,315 hectares and there are more than 20 large and small harbor basins. The main harbor basins are the Canal Basin and Hanseatic Basin that extend parallel to the river, as well as the Delvat Basin, Churchill Basin, Leopold Basin and No. 4, 5, and 6 that extend eastward from this. No. Harbor basin and so on. The water bodies of the harbor basins are connected, and are connected to the Scheldt Channel through 4 ship locks including Belem Trecht and Podway. Around the above harbor basin, there are nearly 300 ocean-going berths, including about 80 container, ro-ro ships, and general cargo berths, mainly distributed in Delwate, Churchill, and No. 6 harbor basins. The northern bank of the Leopold Port Basin and the southern bank of the Belén Trechte Lock; there are more than 20 tanker berths, mainly located in the chemical terminal on the northwest and southeast bank of the 4th harbor on the west bank of the southern section of the Hanseatic port, Hanseatic The ore, coal, and phosphate fertilizer terminals on the east bank of the harbor basin, the northwestern shore of Delwate Port, and the grain terminal on the north bank of the 6th harbor basin. In addition to the ocean-going port area, there are more than 100 near-ocean and inland river port areas. Antwerp is located in the southern wing of the Rhine Delta. It has a well-developed inland river network connected to the river network of the country and Europe, as well as a well-developed land transportation network. There are more than 300 roads with regular freight lines and 100 railways every day. Trains go to major cities in Europe. The port location and superior natural conditions in the center of Western Europe, as well as perfect port facilities, make it an ideal transit port in international trade. An average of 1771 international sailing call here every year, connecting more than 800 shipping ports internationally.


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