Airport | Railway in Mongolia

A Guide to Airport, Railway Port, and Road Freight Borders in Ulaanbaator

Ulaanbaatar is a significant transportation hub in Mongolia, offering access to various modes of transportation include rail freight for cargo shipments. Let’s take a look at some of the available options:

Railway Port – MNULN

Ulaanbaatar is one of Mongolia main port for railway, the port code is MNULN. The coordinates of Ulaanbaatar located at latitude: 47.8863988 and longitude 106.9057439. It is an important hub in Central Asia.

Mongolia is a landlocked country, according to the China-Mongolia agreement, Tianjin Port is designated as a port for Mongolia cargo to import or export by sea or railway through Chinese territory. Ulaanbaatar cargo can be transported by sea to Tianjin Port via Erenhot

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and the national political, economic, cultural, transportation, industrial, and technological center. It covers an area of 4704 square kilometers and has a permanent population of 1.319 million (at the end of 2013). Currently 35% of the population lives in Ulaanbaatar, 74% of which are young people, making it one of the youngest cities in the world.

Airport – ULN

The Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN) provides air cargo services worldwide with over 20 airlines operating regular flights from/to major cities around the world.The airport offers handling facilities such as cold storage units & custom clearance services alongside being capable enough to handle large scale cargos thanks to its modern infrastructure.

Road Freight – Highways connecting China and Russia

Mongolia has two key highways running through its territory: one connects China and Russia via Altanbulag border checkpoint while another links China & Erenhot border crossing point which can be used by those wanting access towards Southeast Asian markets. The country has also been investing heavily into developing new roads projects with initiatives like ‘Steppe Road’ aimed at improving connectivity between regional business hubs significantly.

Road Freight – From China to Europe

The Trans-Siberian Highway runs across northern Mongolia providing convenient access from Chinese ports situated along east coastlines towards European destinations using Russian borders.Alongside this route,the Northern Corridor provides road connections between Kazakhstan & Russia allowing access towards European Union countries.


By utilizing these different modes of freight transport available in Ulaanbaatar, you’ll have access to efficient routes and reliable networks for your shipping needs!

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