Rail freight From China🚄

Rail freight train is a very efficient way to ship cargo to Europe, It is cheaper than shipping by air, and it takes significantly less time than sea to get from China to Europe. So, if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way of transporting shipment from China to Europe, Rail freight is your best option.

Rail freight is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to ship goods. China has been exporting more and more goods to Europe, which has made the rail freight from China to Europe a very popular topic in recent years.

The railway from China to Europe is called the Eurasian Land Bridge. It is the longest railway line in the world and it passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany before finally reaching its destination

How to ship container from China to Europe by Rail ?

Rail freight train can carry up to 40 x 40 foot full container load of cargo at once, which means that it can transport up to 8 million pounds of goods in one trip. That’s enough cargo for two fully loaded Boeing 747s!
Rail freight can also be more environmentally friendly than road transportation because it produces less CO2 emissions per tonne-km transported.

Freight trains have a higher loading capacity than trucks, which allows them to carry heavier loads at lower costs per tonne-km transported.

Rail Freight From China to Europe, London UK
CR express train from china to Europe main cities Duisburg Hamburg Paris Vienna

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Container By Rail?

Taking the train would cost USD 7,000-$9,000. On the other hand, taking a sea would cost USD 6,000 and by air USD 32,000. In the past few years, rail freight offers alternative options cheaper than Air freight , Transit time is faster than Sea Freight

how much does it cost to ship a container by rail

Rail freight from China to Europe & UK

Rail freight from China to Europe popularly known as Yiwu London Cargo train/China-Europe Railway Express /Eurasia Railway initiative under China Belt and Road Initiative program, all are referring to same shipping method : A Block Train carrying 40 x 40HQ full container load (FCL) from China to Europe directly, no stopping by in between

Rail freight from China to Europe has become more popular in recent years, thanks to the reduced transit time across Eurasia. It’s now possible to move cargo of freight from one end of the continent to the other in 14 days , rather than spending up to one month on sea or relying on unpredictable sea freight shipping. As a result, many companies have begun to integrate rail transport into their supply chains. Rail Freight Train has add many benefits into your supply chain, besides air freight shipping or sea shipping is your primary transportation options, Rail freight from China could be a good alternative option.

What are the Advantages of rail freight transport

Less CO2 emissions

There are also environmental advantages associated with using rail transport over air freights shipping methods: trains consume less energy per mile traveled than airplanes do when flying at high altitudes (where most flights occur). Additionally, there aren’t any emissions from burning fossil fuels since trains operate without engines that produce exhaust fumes like those emitted by cars and trucks on highways today.

Reliable schedules

More reliable and consistent transit time

Competitive rates

Rail is a less expensive way to move your goods because it doesn’t require paying for fuel or labor costs associated with hauling equipment around; instead, only materials such as rails need be purchased once before being used indefinitely over time.

Competitive lead time

Rail Freight from China to Europe Route Map

rail Freight transport route between China and Europe

The First China Europe Train was successfully launched in 2011. Since then, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Yiwu, Wuhan, Changsha, Harbin and other provinces and cities have departed to major European countries: Duisburg, Hamburg, Germany, UK , Liege, Warsaw, Poland, Milan, Italy, Madrid, Spain, Tilburg, the Netherlands, Lyon, France, Brest, Belarus.

Train does not stop at any point along the way in between, the route of the train is China to arrival train station in EU. It will go directly from China to EU different destination railway station.
To navigate the gauge differences between China and Europe, this train will have to stop twice at the border of Kazakhstan and China and Belarus and Poland to reload containers onto a fresh set of railway wagons, which usually takes less than 48 hours.
Transiting time is already calculated into the departure date so you can be assured your cargo will arrive on time.

How long it takes From China To Europe by Rail freight

Rail freight is a very efficient way of shipping goods from China to Europe. It takes 15 days to 20 days by rail freight from China to Europe, which is much faster than using other methods.

Departure from ChinaTo Europe Transit time
Rail FreightChongqingBudapest Hungary15 days
Rail FreightXianBudapest Hungary18 days
Rail FreightChongqingDuisburg Germany14 to 16 days
Rail FreightSuzhouDuisburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightXianDuisburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightYiwuDuisburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightZhengzhouDuisburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightChongqingHamburg Germany14 to 16 days
Rail FreightChangshaHamburg Germany15 to 16 days
Rail FreightHefeiHamburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightSuzhouHamburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightXianHamburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightZhengzhouHamburg Germany16 days
Rail FreightHefeiHelsinki Finland18 days
Rail FreightXianHelsinki Finland20 days
Rail FreightXianImmingham United Kingdom23 days
Rail FreightZhengzhouLiege Belgium16 days
Rail FreightChengduLodz Poland14 to 16 days
Rail FreightYiwuLondon United Kingdom20 days
Rail FreightXianLovosice Czech Republic20 days
Rail FreightYiwuMadrid Spain20 days
Rail FreightChongqingMalaszewicze Poland14 days
Rail FreightXianMilano Italy18 days
Rail FreightZhengzhouMilano Italy18 days
Rail FreightZhengzhouMunich Germany16 days
Rail FreightHefeiNEUSS Germany16 days
Rail FreightChengduNuremburg, Germany14 to 16 days
Rail FreightXianOslo Norway20 days
Rail FreightXianParis France18 days
Rail FreightXianTallinn Estonia20 days
Rail FreightChengduTilburg Netherlands14 to 16 days
Rail FreightXianVienna Austria18 days
Rail FreightChongqingWarsaw Poland14 days
Rail FreightChangshaWarsaw Poland15 to 16 days
Rail FreightSuzhouWarsaw Poland14 days
Rail FreightZhengzhouWarsaw Poland14 to 16 days
Subject to change

LCL (Less-Than-Container-Load)  service on Rail freight between China and Europe

Less-Than-Container-Load service is perfect for sending any volume between 1 and 20 cubic meters, but more than 0.5 cubic meters, in our weekly scheduled LCL service on China Europe Rail freight Train in export and import. That means that if you’re sending more than 1 cubic meter of cargo but less than 20, this is the perfect solution for your needs!

Less-than-container-load service (LCL) is the perfect option for cargo volume between range less than 20 cubic meters, but more than 0.5 cubic meters.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our China Europe Rail Freight service, which we’re confident will continue to revolutionise the way our customers transport their exports from China to Europe.

  • Scheduled LCL service exporting From China to Europe Rail Freight Train on weekly basis.
  • LCL Cargo loading volume minimum 1cbm upto 20cbm, no ceiling.
  • LCL Cargo pickup Door China & Door Europe
  • Door to Door delivery From China Europe Rail freight Train in 16-22days
  • Daily customer information on cargo movement.

Multimodal (Sea Shipping+Rail) on Rail freight between China and Europe

Shipping cargo from China to Europe, you have a lot of options. China Europe Rail freight is the best choice if need rapid transit time and the most cost-effective method, rail freight can get your cargo to Europe in a fraction of the time compared to shipping lines that are more concerned with their own business planning than what’s best for their customers.

China Europe rail freight is a multimodal service that helps cargo in Asia and Europe collaborate on a global scale. It is designed to move cargo within the Chinese rail network, and then onto trains bound for the European market. Rail freight provides faster transit times than sea freight, cheaper than air freight. In contrast, it takes about 45 days for sea cargo from Qingdao to Rotterdam by sea shipping. It’s not only because of the hinterland rail freight service but also due to shipping line slow steaming program. The journey between China and Europe by rail takes about 16 days.

China Europe railway travels from All China cities to Germany by way of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria.

China Europe Rail freight train connects China with Central and Eastern Europe. The rail line itself is an efficient system that uses the latest in cargo tracking technology. It’s faster than airfreight because it doesn’t have to waste time being unloaded at airports before it’s loaded onto another flight that takes it the rest of the way to its destination. It’s also cheaper than sea freight So if you want an affordable and reliable way to ship cargo from China to Europe, China Europe Rail freight is your best option.

How long it takes from China to UK by Rail freight

It takes 20 to 23 days by train from China to United Kingdom

FromTo UK railway Rail Freight Transit time
XianImmingham United Kingdom23 days
YiwuLondon United Kingdom20 days

As a leading freight forwarder in China, we offer the best transit times, most direct routes, most reliable service, door to door delivery.

No matter you are shipping cargo from China to London, or elsewhere in the UK, there are a number of different rail routes available to choose from.

One of the most common options is our direct rail service from Xi’an China to Immingham. This route transit time typically takes 18 days and offers door to door delivery at both China and UK.

There is another route, first arrive Europe Railway station such as Germany or Poland and then door delivery to UK.

At this time, due to BREXIT and changes in European regulations and trade agreements, shipments going by rail must be handled through certified freight forwarders who comply with all regulations for entry into Britain.

The biggest challenge when arranging rail freight after BREXIT is the door delivery task. Please make sure that your freight forwarder has all the necessary documents (such as a GVMS number) before they enter UK by road trucking.

Useful tips when using rail freight from China to Europe

What is the max loading volume for rail freight container ?

Max loading volume capacity of 65-68 cubic meters, can be less or more depending on dimensions

Is there any difference in container size between sea and rail freight ?

All rail container size are in ISO standard that standard in container dimension which same as using for sea freight transport.

What is the max loading weight on rail freight shipment ?

Max loading weight is 23,000kgs per 40HQ FCL. Train cannot accept overweight for security reasons.

What is the minimum shipment volume for rail freight ?

For cargo using by LCL, The minimum chargeable volume is 1 cbm.

Is there rail freight between China and Europe

YES, In average there are daily train service between China and Europe.
It takes 15-18 days on average to ship products from China to Europe on rail freight. This is significantly faster than traditional sea shipping, which can take up to 45 days. That’s why more clients are embracing freight train nowadays.

How to track Rail shipment between China and Europe

SIS tracking device service tracks the rail freight from China to Europe. The SIS tracking device service is a GPS-based solution that monitors, reports and manages the location of goods in transit. The SIS tracking device service has a number of use cases such as:

– Monitoring shipment, including temperature, location and other parameters
– Reporting on cargo status, including deviations from planned route or schedule

Our rail freight team also keep updated with the train location and GPS status as it progresses to its destination, you can track and trace your shipment on the way.

How to book Cargo rail Freight between China and Europe ?

In order to make sure your cargo will depart on time, we highly suggest that you secure bookings for it at least 14 days before the actual departure date. You can do so by contacting us directly.

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