Airport | Seaport | Railway in Austria

A Guide to Airport, Railway Port, and Road Freight Borders in Vienna

Vienna is one of Europe’s most important transportation hubs with access to various modes of transportation such as sea freight port, rail freight station, air freight airport and road freight border options

Sea Freight Port – ATVEN

Vienna serves as an inland sea port hub in Austria with ATVEN being its designated port code.The city provides direct access via Danube river to Black Sea region making it an ideal gateway point between Eastern European markets & Asia regions.

Rail Freight Station – China-Europe Train Arrival

As the capital city,Venice acts as arrival railway station along China Europe train route providing convenient connections towards Western European countries alongside holding strategic importance in Central Europe region due to its location making it an essential transit point .

Air Freight Airport- Vienna

Vienna International Airport (VIE) provides air cargo services worldwide with over 60 airlines operating regular flights from/to major cities around the world.The airport offers handling facilities such as cold storage units & custom clearance services alongside being capable enough to handle large scale cargos thanks to its modern infrastructure.

Road Freight Border – Highways connecting Austria and Neighbouring Countries

Austria has several highways running through its territory that connects it with neighboring countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy among others. The country’s central location makes it a crucial transit point for trade across Europe.


By utilizing these different modes of freight transport available in Vienna, you’ll have access to efficient routes and reliable networks for your shipping needs!


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