Supercharge Your Brand with Container Services

Supercharge Your Brand with Super International Shipping’s Container Services


At Super International Shipping, we’re not just freight forwarders. We’re pioneers in leveraging the power of logistics to amplify your brand visibility. With our unique blend of services – including one-way container leasing, used shipping line container supply, and innovative container advertising – we’re revolutionizing the way businesses perceive shipping.

Take Your Brand Global

In an era where brands vie for visibility, we offer an unexpected yet effective advertising medium: Shipping Containers. As our containers crisscross the globe, your brand message travels with them, reaching audiences far and wide.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at how NORYARN, a hand-knitted yarn brand from Norway, utilized our Container Advertising service to extend their brand presence globally. Check out NORYARN’s global brand journey here.

Take Your Brand Global with long terms container leasing

Your Guide to Container Advertising

The concept of converting a shipping container into a moving billboard might seem daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive guide that demystifies container advertising. We walk you through the entire process, from the initial design concept to the final application on an actual shipping container. Immerse yourself in our guide here.

Sustainability Meets Branding

Our commitment to sustainability is as strong as our commitment to our clients. By repurposing our containers as advertising platforms, we’re not only providing a unique marketing opportunity but also promoting eco-friendly practices.
Our containers are reusable, and the advertising doesn’t produce additional waste, unlike traditional billboards. Discover more about our sustainability efforts here.

Connect with the World

Our key services, one-way container leasing and supplying used shipping line containers, already bridge businesses worldwide. Adding your advertisement to our containers helps your brand make the same global connections. See how a Chinese freight forwarder alliance amplified its network and influence with our container advertising service. Explore the transformative journey of this Chinese freight forwarder alliance here.

Connect with the World with container leasing

At Super International Shipping, we believe in the power of synergies. By combining our core freight forwarding services with innovative advertising solutions, we help you ship more than just products – we help you ship your brand’s message to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does container advertising expand global brand visibility?

Container advertising is a unique approach that turns shipping containers into travelling billboards. As these containers journey across international trade routes, they expose your brand to a diverse, global audience, boosting visibility and recognition far beyond traditional advertising methods.

What sets Super International Shipping’s container advertising services apart?

We combine our expertise in freight services with innovative advertising solutions, offering a unique opportunity for brands to ‘travel’ with their goods. Our service has helped brands like NORYARN and a Chinese freight forwarder alliance achieve unparalleled global exposure. You can learn more from our case studies here.

How does container advertising contribute to sustainability?

At Super International Shipping, we prioritize sustainability. By repurposing our containers as advertising platforms, we reduce the environmental impact often associated with traditional advertising mediums. Each container is reusable, and the advertising does not produce additional waste.

How effective was container advertising for NORYARN?

NORYARN leveraged our container advertising service to take their brand beyond the local Norwegian market. Their brand message travelled across oceans and continents, reaching audiences in ports and cities around the world. 

How did a Chinese freight forwarder alliance benefit from your services?

By using our container advertising service, the Chinese freight forwarder alliance amplified its network and influence in the global shipping industry. Each container journey brought new connections and opportunities, creating a ripple effect that extended far beyond the initial point of contact. Find out more here.

How can I start using container advertising for my brand?

Getting started with container advertising is simple with Super International Shipping. Reach out to our team here, and we’ll guide you through the process, from design conception to seeing your branded containers on global shipping routes.


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