DDP Shipping From China

DDP shipping from China is a term used to describe the delivery of goods from China to their destination without the buyer having to pay any additional costs for customs clearance. This type of shipping is particularly useful for businesses that are looking to reduce the cost of their international shipments. DDP shipping makes it easier for buyers to accurately calculate the cost of their shipment and ensure that they are not overpaying for customs clearance fees. This type of shipping also helps businesses save time since they don’t have to worry about dealing with customs paperwork and delays.

The DDP shipping is a new type of service that is provided by the freight forwarder. It is an abbreviation for Delivered Duty Paid. This means that once the goods are delivered, it becomes the responsibility of the recipient to clear them through customs and pay any taxes and duties.

DDP shipping from China can be done in two ways:

1. DDP Shipping, which requires a freight forwarder to handle everything from A to Z, including door-to-door, customs clearance at both ends of transit;

2. DDP Alibaba, which only requires a seller on Alibaba or other e-commerce platform to provide all the required information about their products and their customers (customs declaration).

DDP shipping means the customs declaration at the time of export and the customs declaration at the time of import after reaching the destination. DDP Shipping includes import and export customs clearance.

The terminology comes from a trade intercoms term, DDP, which stands for “Delivery Duty Paid”.

In other words, once you hand over your cargo to a freight forwarder in Hong Kong or China like Super International Shipping, they take care of everything from door to door: including trucking, export customs declarations, door delivery. After cargo arrives at the port of destination, freight forwarder handle import customs clearance, duties and VAT, then deliver cargo directly to the consignee.

What Is DDP Shipping From China?

When you choose Duty Paid Delivery (DDP) shipping terms, the seller is responsible for delivering the goods to a location specified by the buyer’s country and paying for any import duties, as well as inland transportation from the point of entry to the buyer’s final destination. This means that the buyer can rest assured that they won’t need to worry about any additional costs or responsibilities once the products are shipped.

What Are The Benefits Of Shipping DDP?

With DDP shipping, the buyer can choose the moment of delivery. This is good when you’re sending something locally, but especially important when shipping internationally. You won’t have to worry about payment or customs fees, but only have to deal with such things in advance as preparing for a required signature and providing notice for a time sensitive delivery. When you put your customers’ security first, they’ll feel more at ease and stand a better chance of converting them into repeat customers or securing future business.

You’re responsible for items until they reach the agreed delivery location. If you have an agreed place, the seller can provide full guarantees that their goods will arrive on time and in good condition.

If you are an online retailer and your average order value is low, then the cost of risk can be high. In fact, for some it can exceed the average order amount.

How Long Does DDP Shipping Take From China?

DDP Air freight takes about 7-12 days for delivery. DDP Sea freight takes about 25 days, DDP Rail takes about 16days.

DDP Air freight 7 to 12 days by Air Freight
DDP Road Freight 16 to 17 days by Road Freight LCL
DDP Rail Freight 16 days by Rail Freight LCL
DDP Sea Freight 25 days by Sea Freight LCL

Should I Do DDP Shipping?

Many companies will only use DDP when shipping goods by air or sea freight. DDP offer value to customers or users because they reduce risk, liability, and costs. DDPs are not always a good deal for the seller because if they are handled incorrectly, it can drastically cut into future profits. This is especially true if it becomes known that the DDP increased in value during the short-term while buyers were willing to take lower prices.

DDP shipping from China covers custom bonds because the seller has to pay for all the customs and duties before they ship the goods to the buyer.

4 Reasons to use DDP shipping from china

DDP shipping is an excellent and affordable choice for any e-commerce or Amazon seller. Here are 4 reasons why

1. Safe and hassle-free delivery to the destination

If you are shipping goods from China, your choice of DDU or delivered duty unpaid (DDU) is entirely the responsibility of the buyer. If you’re not familiar with what this means, things may not go as smoothly as you might hope. DDP is a good shipping method because it saves time and ensures that your package arrives on time. China customs can be hard to figure out for first-time shippers, but we will help you find the best route or service for importing goods. DDP import is a good solution for eCommerce sellers, companies, and consumers

2. To protect buyer’s best interests

DDP shipping from China make it easy for sellers to avoid being dishonest with their buyers, it is in their best interest to show customers respect, ensuring they have the tangible option.It enables buyers to test out if shipping from China will work for them if they want to start a small business.

3. Sellers can make the process much easier for the buyer by closing a sale

The seller will take care of all the international fees and taxes which means that buyers don’t need to worry about an extra cost being added on. This can make them more likely to purchase, however if they are faced with high taxes and shipping costs they may not go through with it. DDP shipping from China it provides a cost and time effective experience, minimising complications that could come with foreign transaction fees

4. For safe delivery no matter in air, ocean, rail freight or road freight

DDP delivery services in air, ocean, rail freight or road freight are costly. The seller will therefore be likely to ensure their delivery reaches its destination because they have already invested a considerable sum on the cargo transport. This way, if you choose a DDP logistics provider like SIS Shipping, you will no longer need to hire a third-party company to handle the import or export aspects of your bulk cargo. Thanks to them, this will be incredibly efficient.

DDP Shipping from China | Air | Sea | Rail | Trucking | Express

DDP Shipping For Alibaba | Aliexpress | Amazon FBA

Amazon DDP, is now offering the “ship from China to Amazon” service for sellers who want to ship their products from China to Amazon.

This service is a new addition to the existing services offered by Amazon DDP, which includes storing and picking products in China and delivering them to customers in the US and Europe. The new service will allow sellers who use third-party logistics providers in China as well as those who store their goods themselves.

As a retailer, the products you are buying on Alibaba and Aliexpress are most likely being sold by factories. These factories will sell their products on Alibaba/Aliexpress. You might be here because you’ve thought about opening your own online store on Amazon and eBay, but you’ve decided to go with Alibaba or Aliexpress instead. It’s so much easier for us to just drop off your shipment at your address, rather than making you go through the hassle of a courier or the post office.

The DDP shipping method is a form of delivery where the seller provides for all transportation, insurance, and customs clearance. DDP shipping tracking is done by following the shipment with the help of a DDP number. This number can be obtained from the seller or from your carrier’s website.

Please fill out this form to request a quote for delivering goods purchased on Alibaba and Aliexpress to your receiving address

Our customer service staff are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have in the lead up to receiving your package. Please contact them if there is anything we can help you with.

Rail Freight DDP Shipping From China

In DDP rail freight, E-Commerce sellers don’t need to provide any credentials, VAT or EORI numbers. The customs declaration papers are actually all handled by Super International Shipping and the tax on it determined by us. All you have to do is fill in the customs documents with your company account information. Once the product is in the FBA warehouse, it will be available for sale.

There are still number of factors to take into account when shipping your goods including transit time, the costs and your customer’s preferences. Railway shipping from China to Europe is a fast, efficient yet affordable transport method for e-commerce buyers or sellers. No additional cost is added.

When you’re selling online, a lot of the weight will be taken off your shoulders by shipping your goods to our China warehouse. From there, we’ll take care of processing the customs declaration and shipping it to the destination country, send cargo to the seller’s designated overseas warehouse or complete FBA warehousing.

Air Freight DDP Shipping From China

DDP air shipping is a new way to transport goods from China to international destinations. It is a cost-effective and time-saving option for both suppliers and buyers. DDP air shipping is an abbreviation for “Delivery Duty Paid”, which means that the seller will take care of all the duties and taxes at destination.

DPP Shipping by Air freight is one of most popular options from China, once cargo arrives in the our warehouse, it’s arranged to an international airport nearby and then delivery to its final destination by Air Freight. This can be done through a freight forwarder in Hong Kong and China like Super International Freight, who is responsible for:

  1. Arranging export customs clearance at the airport of origin (such as Shanghai or Hong Kong)
  2. Arranging import customs clearance at the airport of arrival (such as JFK in New York, FRA in Frankfurt..etc)
  3. Bringing the goods to a warehouse near the airport
  4. Delivering it domestically by express courier to end clients

There is an emerging new logistics model. Within the existing international logistics model, freight and delivery are separated. For the most part, international express companies (such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS) offer all-inclusive services with higher costs, but if you can break down the process into parts and transfer them to local express companies (such as SF/TNT/UPS), then this can reduce costs significantly.

In other words, air freight companies and local express delivery companies have separate duties. Air freight companies take over the job of transporting goods from one place to another, while local express delivery companies take over the job of sorting out cargo in different countries after it has been delivered by air freight. This way, you can deliver a product to your customer without having to use international express delivery services and reducing logistical costs in general.

Sea Freight DDP Shipping From China

DDP shipping by sea freight is the most cost-effective and flexible method for transporting goods.

DDP Shipping involves several different shipping companies. Shipping by sea freight requires a shipping company to transport the goods from one country to another, so the door delivery service of each country is facilitated through an express company such as UPS or FedEx.

The next step involves customs clearance. In order to ship goods internationally, they must be cleared through customs in both countries. This is a complex process involving many people, but it is necessary in order to follow international law and support the free flow of commerce across international borders.

Following this comes tariffs and other expenses. Because the United States charges tariffs on imported goods, there are additional fees that must be paid before the goods can be delivered.

However, despite these extra costs, shipping by sea is still the most cost-effective method of shipping—mainly because it takes full advantage of economies of scale.

Door to Door Shipping with DDP

DDP Shipping can be used for door to door shipping. This means that the seller will arrange for the shipment of the goods, pay any customs duties, and handle the insurance. The seller will also be responsible for the delivery of the goods to the buyer’s doorstep, which ensures a seamless transaction.

This type of shipping is ideal for buyers who want to save time and money. Since the entire process is handled by the seller, the buyer doesn’t have to worry about the cost of customs clearance, taxes, and other associated paperwork. Also, since the seller is responsible for the delivery of the goods, the buyer can rest assured that the goods will arrive in good condition.

Another advantage of door to door shipping with DDP is that it helps to ensure that the goods are delivered on time. The seller will arrange for the shipment of the goods and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the goods are delivered in a timely manner. This helps to reduce the risk of delays or other issues during transit.

Finally, door to door shipping with DDP is a great option for buyers who want to save money. Since the seller is responsible for the delivery of the goods, they may be able to offer discounts or other incentives to buyers. This can help to reduce the overall cost of the transaction, which is beneficial for buyers.


DDP Shipping from China is an efficient and reliable way to ship goods internationally. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with customs clearance, taxes, and other related paperwork. Also, it helps to ensure that the goods arrive in good condition. Moreover, it is a great option for buyers who want to save time and money.

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, DDP Shipping from China is a great option for international shipping. It helps to ensure a seamless transaction and helps to reduce the cost of the transaction. So, if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable way to ship goods internationally, DDP Shipping is the way to go.

DDP Shipping to North America
US, Canada, Mexico

DDP shipping to Europe
Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal and Luxembourg

DDP shipping to Asia
Japan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand

Is DDP more expensive?

It’s common to use DDP shipping for international deliveries as it reduces the risks involved, but it does come at a higher cost. If you choose DDP shipping for international orders, you’ll need to be aware that you, as the buyer, will be responsible for paying any tariffs and taxes that may apply when importing the goods into your country.

What is standard DDP shipping?

With delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping, the seller assumes responsibility for all the risks and fees associated with shipping the goods until they reach their final destination. This means that the buyer doesn’t need to worry about any additional costs or risks once the products are shipped. 

What is standard DDP shipping?

With delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping, the seller assumes responsibility for all the risks and fees associated with shipping the goods until they reach their final destination. This means that the buyer doesn’t need to worry about any additional costs or risks once the products are shipped. 

Is DDP for domestic shipments?

With Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), the seller assumes full responsibility, making it an Incoterm that’s more favorable to the buyer rather than the seller. As such, DDP involves more responsibilities, risks, and transportation costs for the seller. This includes activities such as payment for domestic freight, and other tasks required to deliver the goods to the buyer’s specified location.