Door-to-Door Delivery Shipping from China

Door-To-Door shipping From China

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our door-to-door shipping services. Learn how our expertise can simplify the process, ensuring your goods travel from China directly to your doorstep. Trust us to handle your logistics needs, while you focus on what you do best.


What is door to door shipping from China?

Door-to-door shipping from China is a cost and time efficient shipping option with the goods being delivered either through sea, air, rail or express. This saves both money and valuable time as the goods are shipped directly from the supplier in China to your home/warehouse.

Door-to-door services are comprehensive logistics solutions that enable you to transport your items from their origin point to the predefined destination. Whether those goods originate from your factory, warehouse, or residence, these services make delivery simpler and more efficient.

Through the use of comprehensive transport solutions, customers can trust a proficient service provider to ensure that their goods will be shipped out successfully and efficiently. This type of service is known as ‘all-in’ transportation.

These services include the selection of both pick-up and delivery locations as part of their offerings.

The Super International Shipping team are dedicated to providing full service for your shipment, covering everything from packing to delivery, as per your instructions and prerequisites.

  • You can pick your delivery option from a wide range of locations – factory, warehouse, port or airport. The choice is all yours!
  • You get to decide where you want your goods to be sent: your storehouse, customer’s place, or even your residence…

With these services, all the necessary administrative steps such as customs clearance are taken care of, giving you peace of mind knowing that your goods will arrive safely and on time.

Why is door to door shipping service so important?

Door to door delivery is a great way for customers to stay stress free and let China freight forwarder SIS Shipping the shipping documentation and all other necessary arrangements.

As a customer, the main benefit of using China freight forwarders is the peace of mind they provide by ensuring your cargo reaches its destination safely. Their level of service and commitment to making sure you receive your items in a timely manner is unmatched.

The importance of door to door Shipping service when shipping From China 

Door to door delivery is a great way for customers to stay stress free and let China freight forwarder SIS Shipping the shipping documentation and all other necessary arrangements.

As a customer, the main benefit of using China freight forwarders is the peace of mind they provide by ensuring your cargo reaches its destination safely. Their level of service and commitment to making sure you receive your items in a timely manner is unmatched.

Saves You Money

Using multiple entities for your shipping needs can be a costly affair. But with Super International Shipping Logistics, we handle everything from start to finish, helping you save those extra bucks.


Saves You Time

Imagine living in Europe or Africa and managing your cargo shipping from China personally. Sounds time-consuming, right? Door-to-door shipping services speed up the process, ensuring your goods reach you right on schedule.


Saves You Effort

Why shoulder the stress when we’ve got your back? At Super International Shipping Logistics, we take up the responsibility of delivering your cargo to your chosen destination. No need to travel to China or deal with multiple entities. Just sit back, relax, and leave the hard work to us.


Simplifies the Process

Shipping goods from China to another country can be daunting due to complex processes and extensive paperwork. But with us, you can skip the nitty-gritty details. We offer a simplified, hassle-free service that lets you focus on what truly matters.


Stress-Free Customs Clearance

Navigating through customs paperwork and authorizations can be a real headache. We’re here to guide you through Chinese customs and your home country’s customs authorities, handling all the necessary tariffs and notifying you about prohibited items.


Streamlined Shipments

Shipping different items together can sometimes result in lost cargo. Our door-to-door service ensures that all your goods are documented, safely loaded into an insured container, and delivered to you in perfect condition.

With Super International Shipping Logistics, shipping doesn’t have to be a chore. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can enjoy a seamless, worry-free shipping experience.

3 Most Common Door to Door services from China

The best way to ship goods from China depends on several factors, such as the size and weight of the items, the urgency of delivery, the cost efficiency, and the destination of the goods.

Express shipping is fast and provides tracking, but it is expensive. Air freight shipping is fast and cost-efficient, but it is limited in terms of size and weight. Finally, sea freight services are the most cost-effective option, but they take the longest to reach the destination. Rail freight service is cheaper than air freight, but takes less time than sea freight.

Door to Door Courier Service from China

 Express shipping is the fastest way to ship goods from China. It is also the most expensive, but it is also the most reliable. Courier companies provide door-to-door delivery and tracking of the package. The package can be tracked from the time it leaves the warehouse in China, all the way to its destination. Courier companies also provide insurance and other services to ensure that the package arrives in perfect condition.

Door to Door Air Freight service From China

Air freight shipping from China is the fastest way to ship goods, but it is also the most expensive. It is ideal for items that are small and lightweight, as these can be shipped quickly and conveniently.
Air freight is also the best option for urgent deliveries, as the packages can reach their destination in as little as one or two days. However, it is important to note that air freight is limited in terms of size and weight.

Door to Door Rail Freight service from China 

Rail Freight is an excellent choice for budget-conscious customers, as it’s significantly cheaper than air or courier shipping and quicker compared to sea freight. The extensive service network in all hinterland countries provides a reliable delivery time of 16-18 weeks to arrive at the destination.

Understanding the Cost factor of Door-to-Door Delivery 

Just like any well-prepared journey, shipping goods with Super International Shipping is an adventure that depends on several factors. The cost isn’t a set number – it’s a dynamic value that fluctuates based on various conditions. But don’t worry, we’re committed to offering you the most affordable door-to-door international shipping rates, no matter how the tides change.


Here’s a glimpse into some factors that might influence your shipping cost:

The Journey’s Length

Quite simply, the distance between the port of origin and the port of destination can affect the delivery cost. Further distances may result in higher costs.


Fuel Price Fluctuations

Our vessels run on fuel, and its cost isn’t always steady. We promise to keep you updated on any potential changes in shipping cost due to fluctuating fuel prices.


Terminal Fees

Each port has its own unique terminal fees for docking vessels and loading cargo. These fees can also impact the overall delivery cost.


Shipping Seasons

Believe it or not, the time of year can affect your shipping cost. During off-peak seasons (from March to September in China), fewer importers moving cargo can lead to lower fees. However, during the bustling peak seasons, rates may rise due to increased demand.


Currency of Trade

The currency you use can also sway the shipping and delivery cost. If your currency is weak compared to the US dollar, your costs might increase. That’s why we recommend using US dollars, a widely accepted currency that generally maintains a stable rate in the global Forex market.


At Super International Shipping, we’re all about transparency and affordability. We’re here to navigate the changing seas of shipping costs with you.

Understanding Incoterms for Door-to-Door Shipping Services from China 

Shipping from China comes with its set of terms – Incoterms – that you need to grasp. These terms are refreshed every decade to keep up with the ever-evolving global shipping scene, with the International Chamber of Commerce in France playing referee.

The list of terms can seem daunting, but don’t worry! With the right freight forwarders by your side, it’s a breeze. Let’s dive into these Incoterms involved in the delivery process.



Here, the exporter gets the goods to the buyer’s doorstep. The exporter is in charge of the whole process, from customs duties and transport costs to insurance and any other liabilities. From the moment the goods leave China, it’s all on the exporter.


Free Alongside Ship (FAS)

In this scenario, the seller moves goods from their factory or warehouse to the loading port. Once the goods hit the port, the buyer takes over. They’re responsible for the risks and costs of the shipment to the final destination.


Free Carrier (FCA)

This term means the seller or exporter prepares the goods for export and hands them off to a carrier. The destination is set by the buyer or importer. If that location is the exporter’s business place, they’re responsible for loading the goods. But once the goods reach the agreed destination, they’re off the hook.


Free On Board (FOB)

This one is a favorite for importers wanting door-to-door shipping. With FOB, the seller gets the goods to the port and ensures they’re loaded onto the carrier after clearing customs. Once the cargo is on the carrier, any risk of loss switches to the buyer. They bear the transport and insurance cost to the delivery country.


Cost And Freight (CFR)

CFR is all about sharing the load. The seller gets the goods to the origin port and foots the freight bill. But when the cargo is on the ship’s rail, the buyer takes over. They handle transportation and insurance costs, plus custom tariffs.


Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF)

 Here, the seller takes care of delivering the goods to the carrier, paying customs duties, and covering insurance. Once the goods reach the destination port, the buyer steps in. They handle clearing costs and any other related expenses.

What are Key Routes for Door-to-Door Shipping from China

At Super International Shipping Logistics, we bring the world to your doorstep. Our robust network spans continents, ensuring your cargo gets where it needs to go, no matter the destination. Here’s a snapshot of the door-to-door shipping routes we proudly cover:

From China to Far East Asia: From China, we connect you to countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Japan, and South Korea.

From China to North America: We bridge the distance between China and destinations in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

From China to South America: We bridge the distance between China and destinations in the Brazil, Mexico, Eduaror. 

From China to Australia: Our network reaches all the way to Australia, facilitating seamless shipments from China.

From China to Europe: We provide reliable shipping solutions from China to various European nations, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

From China to The Middle East: Our services extend to the Middle East, connecting China with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.

From China to Africa: From China, we ensure your cargo reaches key African countries like South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Algeria.

At Super International Shipping Logistics, we’re more than just a logistics provider — we’re your global shipping partner.

A Step-by-Step Guide: The 6 Crucial Stages of Door-to-Door Service from China

Navigating the process of importing goods from China to your doorstep might seem complicated, but with a reliable logistics partner like Super International Shipping, it’s surprisingly simple. Here’s a step-by-step rundown of how our door-to-door service works:


  1. Spotting the Goods: The journey starts with you, the importer, identifying the goods or products you need from a Chinese producer. You’ll make an inquiry, negotiate terms, place your order, and make payment.
  2. Engaging a Door-to-Door Freight Forwarder: Once your order is confirmed, you’ll contract a shipping agency like us to take care of picking up the goods, clearing them through customs, and transporting them to your destination.
  3. Pick-Up and Transportation: Our team collects the cargo from the producer’s factory or warehouse, loads it onto a truck, and carries it to the airport, seaport, or railway station, ready for transport.
  4. Dealing with Customs: We take care of all the necessary customs paperwork required by Chinese authorities. These documents provide crucial information about your cargo and its final destination.
  5. The Freight Journey: Your cargo is then loaded onto a container and loaded onto the vessel. We coordinate with the carrier on your behalf to ensure a smooth journey for your goods. And then, the voyage to your home country begins.
  6. Delivery to Your Doorstep: Upon arrival in your home country, we handle customs clearance through our network of intermediaries. After paying the necessary tariffs and having the cargo released, it’s loaded onto a truck and transported straight to the address you provided.

With Super International Shipping, importing from China is as easy as one, two, three… to your doorstep!

Comprehensive Overview of Door-to-Door Shipping from China

Door to Door Sea Shipping from China

When we talk about door-to-door sea freight, we’re referring to the journey of goods and cargo from China – their origin – across international waters to any other region or continent. This service, provided by a freight forwarder, starts with collecting the cargo and ends with its delivery at a location specified by you, the cargo owner.

Unlike the port-to-port deliveries, door-to-door service goes the extra mile to ensure the delivery chain is complete, offering you peace of mind.

So, how does this door-to-door ocean shipping work? Here’s a quick breakdown:


  1. Cargo Pick Up: The journey begins with the collection of goods from the seller or manufacturer.
  2. Sea Port: Next, the cargo goes through customs clearance and is loaded onto a vessel.
  3. Reception at Port of Origin: After a sea journey, the cargo arrives at the destination port.
  4. Final Destination: The last step is the onward transportation of the cargo to your provided final destination.


By simplifying the process, door-to-door sea freight ensures a seamless shipping experience from China to your doorstep.

  • FCL Door-to-Door Shipping: If your cargo is substantial enough to fill an entire 20ft or 40ft container, this is your go-to option. In FCL (Full Container Load) shipping, your goods don’t share space with any other shipments, providing you with exclusive use of the container.
  • LCL Door-to-Door Shipping: Also known as groupage, LCL (Less than Container Load) is perfect for smaller shipments that don’t fill an entire container. In this case, your cargo shares container space with goods from other shippers. Upon arrival at the destination port, our freight forwarder takes care of separating the shipments for delivery to their respective owners.
  • Door-to-Door Furniture and Car Deliveries: Have a car or piece of furniture purchased from China? Super International Shipping Logistics will ensure it gets delivered directly to your address in perfect condition.
  • Medicine and Batteries Delivery: Certain items, like medicines and batteries, require delicacy due to their sensitive nature. You can count on our expertise at Super International Shipping Logistics to handle such cargo with the utmost care.
  • Door-to-Door Services with In-House Customs Clearance: Navigating customs clearance in China or your home country can be tricky. But there’s no need for you to stress over it – we’ve got it covered. We will handle all the complexities of customs clearance for you.

You just sit back and relax and let us handle the custom documentation on your behalf.

Door to door Air Shipping from China

At Super International Shipping, we’re not just experts in ocean freight – we’ve got the skies covered too! If you’re looking to get your goods from China faster, air freight is the way to go. We strive to give you the best transit times at cost-effective rates, because we don’t believe you should have to break the bank to get fast, reliable shipping.

Here are a couple of our top-notch air freight services:

Alibaba Door to door Delivery

Are you an importer who often uses the globally popular Alibaba platform? If so, let us be your go-to freight forwarder. We’ll ensure your orders are picked up and transported safely and swiftly to your specified location.

AliExpress Door to Door Delivery

And yes, we’ve got AliExpress users covered too! We’re adept at handling AliExpress door-to-door deliveries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience for our clients.

At Super International Shipping, our goal is to make your shipping process as easy and efficient as possible.

Door to door by rail freight 

We couldn’t possibly talk about our door-to-door delivery services from China without mentioning our Rail Freight services. If you’re an importer based in a country neighboring China, our rail freight service could be a perfect fit for you.

We cover several railway corridors, including the Northern corridor that connects China with Russia, and the Central corridor which links China with Eastern and Western European countries. So whether you’re in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Spain, or France, we’ve got you covered with efficient, reliable rail freight delivery.

At Super International Shipping, we’re all about providing a variety of shipping options to suit your unique needs.

Door to Door Shipping of Dangerous Goods from China

At Super International Shipping, we understand that some shipments require a bit of extra care. Whether it’s industrial radioactive materials, waste, chemical agents, biohazards, batteries, or any other item that falls under the DG (Dangerous Goods) category, we’re up for the task!

 We’ve got the know-how and the commitment to handle these items with the utmost care, ensuring they’re not only safe for those handling them, but also kind to our environment. And most importantly, we’ll make sure they arrive at your doorstep in one piece.

So, if you’ve got a challenging shipment, don’t worry – we’ve got this!

7 Most Common ways For Express Door to Door delivery from China

Super International Shipping offers a broad spectrum of door-to-door shipping services for importers sourcing goods from China. With Super Internatioanl Shipping, there are no restrictions on the type of cargo you can ship.

  1. Door-to-Door Parcel Delivery: We can transport any parcel from any location in China directly to your doorstep or a location of your choice.
  2. Parcel Collection and Delivery Service: We offer a service where we collect parcels on your behalf and ensure they reach you in good condition and on time.
  3. Door-to-Door Document Delivery: If you have sensitive or important documents, our trusted agents will ensure they are delivered securely and directly to you.
  4. UPS Door-to-Door Delivery: We handle the collection and delivery of UPS parcels from China to any destination globally.
  5. FedEx Door-to-Door Delivery: We manage FedEx shipments, ensuring they are collected and delivered promptly and securely from China to any location worldwide.
  6. TNT Door-to-Door Delivery: If you’re expecting a TNT shipment, we can handle its delivery to ensure it reaches you safely and on time.
  7. EMS Door-to-Door Shipping: We partner with EMS for speed posts and parcel deliveries, ensuring timely and secure delivery of your packages.


With Super International Shipping, you get all-inclusive door-to-door cargo delivery services at an affordable price. You’re never short of options when looking for a reliable freight forwarder. Our wide network of partners ensures you’re covered every step of the way.

Documents required for door to door shipments

Managing a door-to-door shipment requires the coordination of goods from the exporter’s factory right up to the importer’s final destination. This whole operation is overseen by one carrier from beginning to end, and if multiple modes of transport are involved, a specific document known as a Multimodal Bill of Lading is needed.

The Multimodal Bill of Lading is a crucial document for door-to-door shipments. It’s also referred to as a Combined Bill of Lading and it provides a record of the various forms of transport used in the shipping process. This document ensures transparency and accountability in the door-to-door shipping process, making it an essential part of any successful shipment.

Additional Key Services from Super International Shipping

To ensure a seamless door-to-door shipping experience, Super International Shipping Logistics offers a range of additional services to complement the shipping process. These include:

Pick-Up and Delivery Service: We handle the entire process, picking up your goods from the producer in China and delivering them directly to your specified address.

Door-to-Door Delivery Packaging: Certain items need special packaging for safe transport. If your goods fall into this category, don’t stress – we’ll take care of packaging your items to protect them from any potential damage.

Door-to-Door Service Tracking: This is where we really shine. No matter the size of your shipment – whether it’s a small parcel, a document, or a hefty cargo – we provide real-time tracking. This way, you’ll always know where your goods are and when they’re due to arrive.

From the moment your cargo leaves China, we’ll keep you up to date with its location and expected arrival time. With Super International Shipping Logistics, you’re always in the loop.

Why you need Door to Door Delivery Insurance ? 

Think of insurance as your safety net in the world of shipping. It’s a buffer against the unexpected, protecting you in case of any damage or loss to your cargo. While it might be tempting to opt for a cheaper port-to-port insurance cover, we strongly advise considering a comprehensive insurance cover.


Why, you ask? Well, comprehensive insurance may cost a little more, but it offers complete peace of mind. It safeguards your goods from the moment they’re picked up, right until they’re safely delivered to your doorstep. Now that’s a small price to pay for total protection, don’t you think? At Super International Shipping Logistics, we’re all about making sure your goods get to you safely and securely.

Should you use a freight forwarder for your shipping arrangements?

Finding a reliable freight forwarder is key to ensure your products arrive on time. Thankfully, Super International Shipping is the prefect who can help you with the arrangements and guarantee that your products get where they need to be.

For those who are new to importing, many will entrust their supplier with the entire logistics process – from the port of destination and shipping address to other details. This allows suppliers to take care of all of these elements without involving the importer.

Shipping is a tricky part of running a business, but figuring out the right shipping solution can be very beneficial in the long run. On one hand, it’s convenient to not have to worry about it as much but on the other hand, you don’t want to end up paying too much for shipping.

Super International Shipping is an expert in providing door-to-door shipping services in China

Super International Shipping (SIS) is a leading door-to-door shipping service provider in China. We specialize in providing comprehensive services in sea freight, air freight, rail freight, and warehouse solutions. With our door-to-door delivery services, we make sure that your items reach their destination in perfect condition, without any additional customs charges or fees. We also offer a wide range of warehouse solutions for customers.

Personal Door-To-Door Delivery Shipping From China

Individuals who purchase products from China are more likely to avoid certain regulations and complications than companies that buy in bulk and on larger scales. DDP shipping is the best option in this case

Here in the US, shipments sent to a residential address and whose value falls within a certain price range are considered private. As a private buyer, this means you’ll have to play an important part in decision-making and customs protocols.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection lists domestic buyers as one of the types of business they are targeting, so it’s important to use their website as a guide before purchasing a package from China. The two questions they ask are: 1) What is the contents of your purchase? 2) Are you an individual or importing for purposes other than your own personal use? Depending on where you send it, make sure that you do your research on what kind of custom regulations the country has.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is door-to-door shipment?

Door-to-door shipment is a comprehensive shipping service where the freight forwarder manages the entire shipping process. This includes the collection of goods from the sender’s premises, customs clearance, and the final delivery of the cargo directly to the recipient’s location.

What is door-to-door express shipping from China?

Door-to-door express shipping from China is a rapid and efficient shipping service. Goods are collected directly from the supplier in China and delivered swiftly to the recipient’s address, minimizing transit time and simplifying the shipping process.

What is the ocean door-to-door shipping service from China?

Ocean door-to-door shipping service from China involves the transportation of goods via sea freight from the supplier in China directly to the recipient’s location. This service covers all aspects of the shipping process, including cargo collection, sea transportation, customs clearance, and final delivery.

What is air freight door-to-door shipping service?

Air freight door-to-door shipping service is a delivery solution where goods are transported via air cargo from the sender’s location directly to the recipient’s doorstep. Compared to sea or rail freight, this service is typically faster and includes all shipping procedures from pickup to delivery.

What is rail freight door-to-door shipping service?

Rail freight door-to-door shipping service involves transporting goods via railway from the supplier’s location directly to the recipient’s address. This service is an efficient and cost-effective option for countries or regions near China and covers all logistics operations from cargo collection to final delivery.

What documentation do I need for an international door-to-door shipping service?

The documentation required for international door-to-door shipping usually includes a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill, and any specific customs documents required by the destination country. For accurate requirements, it’s recommended to consult with your freight forwarder.

Which costs are included in door-to-door shipping from China?

Door-to-door shipping from China generally includes costs associated with cargo collection, packaging, handling, transportation, customs clearance, duties and taxes, and delivery to the recipient’s location. However, the specific costs can vary based on the agreement with your freight forwarder.

How much does it cost for door-to-door shipment from China?

The cost of door-to-door shipment from China can vary significantly depending on several factors. These include the type of cargo, its volume and weight, the chosen shipping method (air, sea or rail), and the destination. It’s best to get a quote from your freight forwarder for the most accurate cost estimate.


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