Amazon FBA Shipment Checklist

FBA Shipment Checklist

Get ready to master packaging, labeling, and shipping for Amazon FBA delivery. This guide breaks down everything you need to know.

    FBA Shipment Check List with Super International Shipping

    Getting your Amazon shipments ready? Make sure you’ve got these supplies on hand:

    You’ll want to setup a product prep station with:

    • Copies of Amazon’s Prep and Shipping Matrices – your handy guides for FBA shipping
    • “Ready to Ship” and “Sold as Set” labels
    • Unique Amazon barcodes to label each item
    • Packing slips to list what’s inside
    • A tape measure to get dimensions right
    • Packing materials like dunnage, bubble wrap, and polybags
    • Tape and a printer for sealing boxes and labels
    • A scale to confirm weights
    • Opaque bags for any adult products

    With these supplies for your Amazon shipment prep, you’ll be ready to package and ship like a pro!

    Heads up! Items needing extra prep or barcodes once they reach Amazon’s warehouses may be delayed. And you could get hit with extra fees for the sudden extra work.

    So make sure to get everything labeled, packaged, and ready to ship on your end first. It will save you time and money in the long run.

      Amazon FBA: Shipment Checklist

      • Create your online shipment → then make sure that you have completed the inventory requirements for the physical shipment.
      • Make sure your products are properly packed and prepped, in accordance with Amazon’s “How to Prep” guidelines.
        Packaging for Smooth Amazon Shipping

        Nail the Packaging for Smooth Amazon Shipping

        When packing multiple standard-sized items:

        • Keep boxes under 25 inches on each side
        • Don’t exceed 50 pounds per box

        For single oversized items:

        • Boxes over 50 pounds need a “Team Lift” safety sticker.
        • Over 100 pounds? Slap a “Mechanical Lift” sticker on that sucker.

        Sticking to these guidelines prevents delays and keeps Amazon’s warehouse team happy. So measure and weigh as you pack to avoid problems down the line!


        Use Only Amazon-Approved Packing Materials

        Double check any dunnage or packing materials are given the thumbs up by Amazon. You don’t want unapproved supplies gumming up the works.

        And don’t forget – all shipping labels need:

        • Shipment ID
        • Scannable barcode
        • Origin address
        • Destination address

        Including this key info on every label avoids confusing Amazon’s warehouse crew. Just stick to Amazon’s approved packaging and complete labeling for smooth sailing!

        Don’t Mess Up Amazon FBA Labeling

        Proper labeling is crucial for Amazon shipments. Make sure all products have one of these barcodes:

        • UPC
        • EAN
        • ISBN
        • JAN
        • GTIN

        No barcode? No problem. Generate ones on Amazon Seller Portal.

        When shipping small boxes:

        • Use 2 labels per box – 1 for FBA, 1 for shipping
        • Place labels on sides with 25″ clearance
        • Avoid top, seams, edges, corners

        For pallets:

        • 4 FBA labels go on top-center of each side

        Stick to Amazon’s labeling rules and your products will breeze through their warehouses barcode-ready!

        Super International Shipping For your Amazon FBA Shipping

        Let Super International Shipping be with Your Next Amazon Shipment

        Ready to ship Amazon FBA the easy way? Get a free quote from Super International Shipping

        Just provide a few key details when requesting a quote:

        • Incoterms with your supplier (EXW, FOB, etc.)
        • Factory address
        • Delivery address (include 4-digit code for Amazon)
        • Goods description (HS codes if you have them)
        • Value of goods
        • Import experience
        • Customs bond status
        • Past and future import frequency

        With this info, Freight Right can give you an accurate quote for your Amazon shipment ASAP.

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