Best Ways to Track Your International Shipment

Best Ways to Track Your International Shipment air and Sea

Best Ways to Track Your International Shipment From China 

There are a number of ways to track your shipment on air, sea, rail and express shipping through the carrier’s website.

– Get a tracking number from the carrier and use an online tracking service.

– Use an international cargo tracking platform such as MarineTraffic that will track all your shipments automatically.

The first thing you should do is check if your carrier offers a tracking service for international shipments If not, then you may want to contact them and ask about it.

How to track Air freight shipment From China 

To track a shipment by air, the AWB number is essential. The AWB is shown on a document called Air Waybill which always travels along with all goods shipped by an airline. The number provide useful information about your order, but most importantly it is used to track the shipment.

The AWB number is an 11-digit document code composed of a three-digit airline prefix and eight digits to represent the waybill number. It can be presented as such: 321-87654321.

Listed below are the most common airlines in airline code order.

Airline Code Airline IATA code Airline Name  
1 AA American Airlines Cargo tracking for AA
6 DL Delta Cargo Cargo tracking for DL
16 UA United Cargo Cargo tracking for UA
20 LH Lufthansa Cargo Cargo tracking for LH
57 AF Air France Cargo tracking for AF
74 KL KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Cargo tracking for KL
81 QF Qantas Cargo tracking for QF
125 BA British Airways Cargo tracking for BA
157 QR Qatar Airways Cargo tracking for QR
160 CX Cathay Pacific Cargo Cargo tracking for CX
526 WN Southwest Cargo Cargo tracking for WN
607 EY Etihad Cargo Cargo tracking for EY
618 SQ Singapore Airlines Cargo tracking for SQ
695 BR EVA Air Cargo Cargo tracking for BR
784 CZ China Southern Cargo tracking for CZ
932 VS Virgin Atlantic Cargo Cargo tracking for VS
999 CA Air China Cargo Cargo tracking for CA


How to track Sea freight shipment From China 

The best way to track your sea freight shipment is to use a shipping line container tracking system, which will provide you with the location and status of your shipment.

Container Number – The serial number starts with four letters. The following six digits are the serial number, and the last digit is a check digit.

Bill of Lading Number – The Bill of Lading is a document required by the shipping carrier to move your shipment by ocean.

Booking Number – This is the cargo reservation number provided to you by the shipping company.

It can be hard to keep track of every container, so it makes sense to use China freight forwarder like SIS. They can give you a full overview of all the containers that are registered to your company, You can also check your shipping line’s website directly.



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