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Project Cargo: Break Bulk & Over Size Shipping

For all your heavy lift needs, trust our project cargo and break bulk freight shipping services. Servicing routes to and from China, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

What is Project Cargo Shipping?

Project cargo refers to the global transit of oversized, heavy, or uniquely shaped machinery, special vehicles, and equipment. Often termed as “Heavy Lift Shipping”, it involves the transfer of substantial gear using specialized ocean cargo vessels fitted with an onboard crane, or flatbed trailers.
Unlike conventional shipments that fit into trucks or containers, project cargo shipping demands a uniquely designed and cleverly planned process.
It’s a task not every logistics firm can undertake, as handling these extraordinary consignments necessitates specialized know-how, robust coordination, and a well-established risk management system.

Trust in Super International Shipping’s specialized transport services to prioritize your budget. We strategically eliminate unnecessary costs like storage, stand-by fees, or extra duties/tariffs, keeping your financial goals in mind.

Overcoming Obstacles in Heavy & Oversized Cargo Transport

The dimensions and mass of your cargo are critical in shaping various elements in the shipping process. These aspects curtail your selection in terms of shipping method, add to the complexity of inland travel, and escalate the expenses tied to your shipment. You could face complications such as shipment delays and other transport-related issues.

Bulk and large-scale cargo must adhere to special rules. The reason behind this is that carriers have to comply with the technical constraints of roads and pathways. Ignoring these restrictions may lead to damage to road surfaces, bridge footings, and tunnels.

To steer clear of possible issues, it’s essential to have a clear expectation when shipping large and heavy cargo. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions, paving the way for a successful shipment.

Understanding Out of Gauge and Heavy Lift Cargo

Oversized Shipment (also known as OOG) refers to any cargo that exceeds the standard container size in terms of length, width, or height. Such freight isn’t confined by the dimensions of ordinary containers. Instead, it’s safely conveyed using specialized transportation methods, such as particular trucks, trailers, aircraft, flat-racks, platforms, or open-top containers. For your hefty cargo requirements, we present the following options:

  • Flat-Rack and Open-Top Containers: For maritime transport of heavy-lift shipment, flat-rack or open-top containers are often employed. These distinct OOG containers feature open tops or sides, enabling your cargo to be hoisted in. Once loaded, they’re covered to ensure the protection of your goods.
  • Flatbed, Winch Truck, Hiab Truck, and Heavy-Haul Trucking: Leveraging Super International Shipping’s wide-ranging trucking network, we can manage heavy-haul land transport to and from China and Hong Kong, reaching destinations like Canada, the USA, and Europe.
  • Cargo Planes and Charter Flights: Air shipping large machinery and heavy equipment is effortlessly handled with Super International Shipping’s expansive resources. We utilize our network to secure large or specialized cargo planes for the task. Should a charter flight be required, Super International Shipping will orchestrate the ideal plane to accommodate your heavy lift cargo and meet your schedule.

When Does Cargo Become Heavy or Oversized Freight?

Freight is branded as heavy or oversized when it crosses standard dimensions and transport restrictions. Usually, cargo hitting or going beyond the following criteria is classified as heavy or oversized:

  • Width beyond 8.5 feet
  • Height over 13.6 feet
  • Length of 48 – 53 feet
  • Weight of 50,000 pounds or more.

These specifications can fluctuate based on your shipping origin and endpoint. Some countries may enforce unique weight limits per axle. Thus, it’s vital to delve into the rules in your local area and your shipping destination to accurately classify your cargo as heavy or oversized.

Understanding Breakbulk Cargo

Are you faced with the challenge of a heavy lift shipment that won’t accommodate a standard container, or is excessively bulky for a sole flat-rack or platform? Your answer is breakbulk cargo shipping.

Breakbulk cargo transportation is a process that revolves around deconstructing larger units into smaller, more manageable segments. These reduced sizes can be conveniently housed in drums, boxes, barrels, or pallets, or distributed across several flat-racks. Subsequently, these units are reassembled at the destination. Even in the face of growing containerization, breakbulk continues to hold a prominent position in ocean cargo transport.

While it may require more work than Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping, breakbulk cargo shipping stands as the optimal choice when your cargo is excessively large or heavy for a standard container.

Furthermore, it’s the top solution if your cargo is destined for a less developed port that doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate large container ships.

Deciding on Project Cargo and Breakbulk Shipping Solutions?

Breakbulk cargo shipping is often the go-to method for substantial projects or industries that require the transportation of large goods and heavy equipment.

This method is commonly employed in sectors like large-scale construction, oil and gas, energy, marine, and mining. Items typically moved using breakbulk could range from lumber and raw metals to paper pulp, heavy machinery, and equipment used in power generation and refineries.

This heavyweight shipping technique brings several advantages to the table:

  • It empowers companies in heavy industries and power-generation sectors to move colossal equipment.
    • It facilitates access to ports with less-developed infrastructure.
    • It ensures goods remain separate and organized, providing an advantage when they need to be used as individual units at the destination.

Key Requirements for Transporting Oversized Cargo

Beyond weight and size, the nature of your goods is another crucial consideration. Carriers classify your goods based on standards set by their respective countries. When it comes to heavy and oversized cargo, typical categories include:

  • Construction equipment
  • Mining and quarry equipment
  • Special equipment
  • Vehicles
  • And more

Specifically for vehicle transport, cargo dimensions shouldn’t exceed 4 meters (H), 2.55 meters (W), and 20 meters (L). Weight limits vary based on the number of axles. For single vehicles, the weight limit ranges from 8 to 32 tons, and for road trains, it’s between 28 to 44 tons. If the measurements of your cargo exceed these stated limits, your shipment will be classified as oversized.

Transport Alternatives for Heavy and Oversized Freight

Heavy or oversized freight can be transported via numerous channels: road, rail, sea, or air. The choice of transportation hinges on the nature of your cargo, along with other variables such as your goals, budget, timeline, and more

Road Transport 

Road Freight  often becomes the go-to option for moving heavy and oversized freight due to its versatility and efficiency. It eliminates the need for extra handling steps, directly delivering goods from their source to the destination. Moreover, road transport also plays a vital role in transferring the cargo from a warehouse or shipper’s location to the origin port or airport.

Ocean Transport 

ocean freight emerges as an option. Ocean freight vessels boast high carrying capacities, making them well-suited for large and oversized cargo. It also presents a more economical alternative. However, due to various maritime factors and weather conditions, shipping via ocean can take longer to reach the destination.

Air Transport 

Air Freight  serves as another method, although it may not be the most suitable for oversized or heavy freight. The weight and size restrictions put forth by cargo planes could make oversized air cargo unfeasible. Moreover, if you’re planning to ship heavy and large items, this mode can be significantly more expensive.

Rail Transport 

Railway Freight  is another viable choice, which often surpasses road transport in benefits when it comes to heavy or oversized freight. Rail systems can cover considerably longer distances, making them ideal for long-haul shipping. However, be aware that railway transport can be costlier, and unlike road transport, it doesn’t provide door-to-door delivery.

What’s the Best Method for Shipping Heavy and Oversized Cargo?

When it comes to shipping weighty or extra-large cargo, ocean freight really shines. Why? Well, it’s all about the impressive carrying capacity of those big cargo ships. They can handle oversized cargo using various-sized shipping containers. The smallest ones are 20 feet long, while the biggest ones stretch up to 45 feet.

So, if you’re thinking of shipping your hefty and oversized goods by sea, we’d say go for Full Container Load (FCL) shipping. You’ll really get the most bang for your buck.

3 Ways to Cut Costs When Shipping Heavy and Oversized cargo 

Transporting heavy and oversized cargo can really put a dent in your wallet. But don’t worry, there are strategies to trim down your expenses.

Rethink your packaging
Packaging can bulk up your cargo and sometimes, it’s not the best friend of your budget. You can tweak your packaging strategy – reduce it, cram more products into a single container, or even deflate plastic packaging. This way, you’ll lessen the space your cargo consumes, which can cut down costs.

Think about shipping in bulk
If you’re regularly shipping goods, you might be able to save by shipping less frequently but in larger quantities. For instance, instead of weekly shipments, consider bundling your orders and ship them all at once. This tactic can lessen the frequency of your shipments and the cost per shipment. Nonetheless, this approach might not work for shipments that need to reach their destination quickly.

Pick the right container size
Different container sizes come with different price tags. Transporting a 40-foot container, for example, costs more than moving a 20-foot one. So, be savvy about the container size you opt for.

Our project cargo division extends a suite of value-added services:

• Undertaking route surveys and choosing dependable carriers.
• Executing site inspections and orchestrating project planning.
• Handling customs clearance and paperwork for both import and export processes.
• Coordinating police or inland transport notifications, when necessary.
• Loading, lashing, and securing the cargo at the origin port or a proximate facility.
• Offering stevedoring, unloading services, lashing, and port storage amenities.
• Coordinating inland pickups and deliveries leveraging specialized equipment.
• Providing superior cargo tracking and precise timing with en-route updates.
• Ensuring final stage delivery complemented by a detailed closing report.

Your Trusted Expert in Project Cargo and Break Bulk Freight Transportation

Super International Shipping is your go-to for break bulk freight shipping and project cargo logistics. We oversee the transportation of your hefty shipments, including machinery, mining equipment, and other valuable cargo, between China, Hong Kong, and your nation. Trust in our skilled team to deliver maximum efficiency, safety, and reliability when handling your oversized consignments.

Expertise in Specialized Breakbulk Shipping

Regardless of the destination of your heavy lift shipment, our dedicated team excels at providing a bespoke management approach for every consignment. We have deep knowledge tailored to each destination, whether it be Europe, Asia, the Middle East, USA, Canada, or Mexico. This includes meticulous planning and engineering of all requisite logistics documentation, support equipment, and allied services.

Our robust relationships with liners and breakbulk operators, coupled with an extensive range of specialized equipment, empower us to extend top-tier service to our clients at competitive pricing. So, what sets us apart?

Super International Shipping: Your Premier Choice for Project Cargo Freight Forwarding

Super International Shipping, with a robust experience of over 20 years, has been offering specialized services in break bulk freight. This long-standing expertise positions us among the leading logistics enterprises, aiding both exporters and importers with their heavy lift shipments between China and Hong Kong and regions like Europe, Asia, North America, Central and South America, and more.

The supervision of project cargo shipments demands a specialized set of knowledge, skills, and resources. Super International Shipping proudly brings all these to the table, consistently overcoming complex logistics challenges with our dedicated team of seasoned experts. We capitalize on superior international networks and a comprehensive understanding of diverse loads, ports, and customs regulations.

Our team is unwavering in its dedication to ensuring the efficient and safe transit of your break bulk freight, with one overarching goal: to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


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