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Streamline Your China Sourcing Strategy

Effortless Sourcing from China with Super International Sourcing

Struggling with China Sourcing?

Super International Sourcing is your ally in China, smoothing out the complexities of sourcing so you can focus on boosting your local sales.


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Language Barriers No More

Wave goodbye to communication woes. Our expert sourcing agents are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, ensuring seamless sourcing in Guangzhou and across China.

Navigating Chinese Cultural Nuances

English proficiency isn’t enough. Rely on our cultural insight to prevent misunderstandings and secure successful deals.

Questioning Supplier Trustworthiness?

We conduct thorough supplier assessments and audits to connect you with China’s most reputable suppliers.

Unclear Production Timelines?

Factories are swamped, but Super International Sourcing vigilantly monitors production, ensuring your items are ready on time.

Stressed by Customs and Logistics?

Our extensive experience in China’s import and export rules means hassle-free logistics and customs clearance for you.

Sourcing service from china with Super International Shipping

Comprehensive Sourcing Services by Super International Sourcing

We provide global businesses with a full suite of sourcing solutions in China, handling every detail until your products are safely delivered.

Quick and Accurate Product Sourcing

Hit a wall with product searches and imports? Outsource your sourcing to us and watch the pieces fall into place.

Precision Supplier Sourcing

In search of the best supplier? We’ve got your back, linking you to the ideal partners for your project’s success.

Expert Negotiation & Contract Management

Troubled by tricky supplier negotiations? Our skilled negotiators minimize risks and seal the deal.

Meticulous Quality Inspection

Ensure product perfection pre-shipment with our thorough quality checks.

Flexible Warehouse & Storage Solutions

Need storage? Store your goods in our warehouse for 60 days, free of charge, for more adaptable transportation options.

Efficient Shipping Coordination

From factory floor to your door, we manage and expedite your shipment for the fastest possible delivery.

Professional Product Photography

Captivate your online audience with crisp, appealing product images provided by us.

Tailored Amazon FBA Prep

For Amazon sellers, we make sourcing from China to Amazon FBA effortless and efficient.

Optimized Dropshipping Services

Get high-quality products at competitive prices for your dropshipping needs, sourced straight from the manufacturers.

Our Simplified Process

Easy Inquiry

Tell us what you need and your sourcing challenges. We’re on it—expect a prompt response.

Fast Solutions

Receive product quotes within 48 hours. Sample orders are just a step away.

Smooth In-Process Management

Give the green light, and we’ll handle the rest, keeping you in the loop at every stage.

Reliable Shipping

When it’s time, we ensure your products are packed right and shipped via the method of your choice.

Transparent Tiered Pricing

How Our Fees Work

Affordable service fees based on your order value:

  • $1,000 and below: $108 fee
  • $1,000.01 to $5,000: 8.5%
  • $5,000.01 to $10,000: 7.5%
  • $10,000.01 to $15,000: 7%
  • $15,000.01 to $20,000: 6.5%
  • $20,000.01 to $25,000: 6%
  • $25,000.01 to $30,000: 5.5%
  • $30,000 and up: 5%


Benefits for All Full-Sourcing Clients

  • 48-hour sourcing results
  • Sample coordination
  • Competitive pricing negotiations
  • Production oversight
  • Quality checks
  • 60-day free warehousing
  • Shipment setup

Each quote is tailored to your unique needs, including services like third-party audits, Amazon Prep, and Dropshipping.

Partner with a Top Sourcing Specialist

How To Work With Super International Sourcing 

Share Your Design Vision and leave the rest to us. Just tell us what you need: the specifics, how many, and when. With our expansive network and sharp sourcing tactics, we’ll pinpoint the perfect products for your business. We dive deep with vendor assessments and lay out supplier comparisons and cost options for you. Then, we step in to negotiate, ensuring you get the best deals.

On top of that, we deliver versatile logistics solutions (Sea freight, air freight, rail freight, express shipping and DDP shipping) to streamline your shipping, balancing cost and speed. And don’t worry about the paperwork or where your location, no matter Shipping From China to Singapore. we offer complimentary consulting on import/export protocols and manage all the complex details for you. Partner with us for seamless sourcing and logistics, and watch your business run like a well-oiled machine.



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