Express Shipping From China

express shipping from china

Express shipping from China is one of the most popular methods to export goods from China. It’s not only fast, but also inexpensive and reliable. It is a very affordable way to ship products from China, especially for small businesses. The cost of this service is often one-third or less than the cost of air freight services, which can be as high as $5000 per shipment.

The express shipping industry has been developing at a rapid pace in recent years and it has become an important component of the global logistics industry.

Express shipping is commonly used as DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS. We have our own warehouses in China and all of the countries in Europe and America. So express cost is 15% cheaper than those express companies mentioned above.

Express shipping is preferred if your package weight is less than 200 kg while air freight may be better suited if it is over that.

There’s a fairly wide range of estimates for how much you need. Some people put it closer to 300kg, but it doesn’t really matter because they’re in the same ball park – 200-300kg. When you order more cargo and it weights more, sea freight can save money.

Air cargo carriers offer a wide range of shipping services and will enable you to send your parcels overseas without much hassle. Express Shipping is likely the better option considering its relatively low rates and ease.

How much faster is express shipping?

The difference between express and expedited shipping is that the former can lead to 2 or even 1 day delivery while the latter is just a faster than standard travel time.

What is the difference between Express shipping and air freight?

Express shipping air freight shipping from china to worldwide

Express shipping and Air Freight are two different ways to transport goods. Express Shipping is generally used for small items and works great for time-sensitive deliveries. Air Freight is a more spacious type of freight, which may be better for larger orders or deliveries that require special handling like refrigeration or protection against damage.

Express Shipping is an international shipping service that provides door-to-door service, without any additional fees to get the item to your doorstep. Courier’s inexpensive customs broker can be used for normal freight, which has no surprise fee. However, it’s expensive freight cost is also worth considering.

Air freight provides a cheaper transportation option than express shipping as airlines only offer airport to airport service. Additional haulage fees will be required to get your products from the airport to your door. When transporting goods by air, you need a customs broker. There are additional fees for things like fuel surcharges, local charges at origin and destination, etc.

Express Shipping Transit time from China to worldwide

ServiceFromToTransit timeBy
Express ShippingChinaUS5 to 7 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaUS5 daysUPS
Express ShippingChinaUS5 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaUS5 to 7 daysTNT
Express ShippingChinaUS7 to 10 daysEMS
Express ShippingChinaUS5 to 7 daysAramex
Express ShippingChinaCanada5 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaCanada4 daysUPS
Express ShippingChinaCanada4 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaCanada5 to 7 daysTNT
Express ShippingChinaCanada7 to 10 daysEMS
Express ShippingChinaCanada5 to 7 daysAramex
Express ShippingChinaEurope5 to 7 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaEurope5 daysUPS
Express ShippingChinaEurope5 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaEurope5 to 7 daysTNT
Express ShippingChinaEurope7 to 10 daysEMS
Express ShippingChinaEurope5 to 7 daysAramex
Express ShippingChinaOther Countries7 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaOther Countries5 daysUPS
Express ShippingChinaOther Countries5 daysDHL
Express ShippingChinaOther Countries7 daysTNT
Express ShippingChinaOther Countries11 to 15 daysEMS
Express ShippingChinaOther Countries7 daysAramex

Express Shipping from China to USA

It takes 2-5 days to arrive at its destination. You can also get quick notifications about your shipment and track it the whole way.

Express shipping is one of the most popular shipping methods for international deliveries. It offers a quick, reliable and affordable way to send parcels across the globe.

It is important to note that not all express shipping services are created equal. There are many factors that can affect the pricing and speed of an express delivery such as: Customs clearance, weight of shipment, size, origin and destination etc.

The most reliable and affordable methods for express shipping from China to the US are UPS and FedEx. You can ship a variety of different products ranging from small samples to valuable ones using these couriers. Moreover, express shipping is really popular amongst consumers who want to purchase expensive electronics and gadgets.The process of express shipping from China to the US is simple but it takes time and effort to find a reputable courier company in China that can send your items on time. You can hire a professional freight forwarder like Super International Shipping.

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Express Shipping from China to UK

It takes 3 days to arrive at its destination. You can also get quick notifications about your shipment and track it the whole way. The most reliable and affordable methods for express shipping from China to the UK are DHL and UPS.

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Express Shipping from China to Canada

It takes 1 to 4 days to arrive at its destination. You can also get quick notifications about your shipment and track it the whole way. The most reliable and affordable methods for express shipping from China to the Canada are EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex and TNT.

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Prohibited and restricted items for international express shipping

If your parcel contains any of the following special item categories, please contact SIS to get advice on how to ship it so that it will arrive at the destination. Items on the list of restricted items are most likely outlawed items. List of commodities which are acceptable under certain conditions.

  • Batteries – The use of electronics, dry batteries and lithium batteries may not pass the security check. Mobile devices that use lithium batteries can be shipped with the battery inside. For small amounts (less than 3), regular packaging is usually okay. If the package has more than that, make sure you have material safety data sheets readily available.
  • Alcoholic beverages – For example: Beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden to be shipped.
  • Medical laboratory samples – such as blood, tissue, and urine
  • Radio Transceiver – All radios and devices including Bluetooth function/WIFI function
  • Antiques – Works of art, fine art
  • Religious Products
  • Medicine, health products of all kinds–including eye drops, pain relief patches and anti-dermatitis cream.
  • All products that contain powder like makeup, skincare and personal care kits
  • Liquids or non-liquids vary and can be anything from toners to contact lens solution to eye drops.
  • Liquor is defined as alcohol with more than 24% volume of alcohol.
  • With smoking on the decline all over the world, some public areas have decided to prohibit tobacco and related products, including all cigarettes and e-cigarettes. They also prohibit tobacco water pipes (called Shisha).
  • In addition to rhino horn, ivory and some of its products are banned. These include ivory chopsticks, ivory hats and more.
  • Illegal goods – Any type of items prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government to the shipment’s destination.

Why is it import to understand gross weight and net weight in express shipping

The net weight of an item is the total weight without any packaging whereas gross weight includes the container and any other material that it may be packed in.

These distinctions matter because it can determine how much you pay for shipping, the amount of things you can fit into your container, truck for transport, and the size of your warehouse storage space.

What is the difference between gross weight and volumetric weight?

Gross weight is measured in the weight of the packaging while volumetric weight measures the size. Gross weight is not necessarily equal to volumetric weight. The gross weight of a shipment can be calculated by the sum of cargo and packaging weights. The volumetric weight can be determined by the dimensions.

How do you calculate the express shipping chargeable weight?

The weight chargeable for a shipment will be determined by either the Gross weight or volumetric weight. The higher value of Gross and volumetric will be taken into account for calculation. We will list 2 sample for express shipping

First sample – The carton’s actual gross weight is 1KGs after packaging, with a length of 100cm, a width of 15cm, and a height of 15cm. It has volumetric weight 4.5KG (100*15*15 divided into 5000). The volumetric weight is more than the actual package’s gross weight, so the volumetric weight is used in determining the chargeable weight. Your chargeable weight is 4.5KG.

second sample : The carton’s actual gross weight is 8KGs after packaging, with a length of 100cm, a width is 15cm, and a height is 15cm. The total volume of the shipment comes to 4.5KG (100*15*15 divided into 5000). Although this package weighs more than its original weight, the chargeable weight will be calculated as the original weight – that is, 8KG

What is the difference between Chargeable weight and Gross weight?

The weight that you are charged for transportation is the gross weight or volumetric weight. It could be one or the other–whichever is heavier. If a shipment receipt has Gross weight and Chargeable weight written on it, the shipping company will use it to calculate the chargeable weight and include in documents.

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