How to Pack and Ship Large Items from China

How to Ship and Pack and Large Items from China efficiently 


Shipping big items from China to your home country is a task that needs smart planning. You’ll have to consider costs, security, and customs rules. Here’s your guide to get it right:

How to Pack and Ship Large Items from China<br />

What Counts as a Large Item?

Big items are those that go beyond standard shipping sizes and weights. For instance, with couriers like USPS, anything over 108 inches in length or 130 inches when you combine length and girth is considered large. And if it weighs over 1,100 pounds, you’ll need a special setup to ship it.


Typical Large Items Include:

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What Are Large Items?

Packing Requirement when Shipping Bulky Shipments:

Pick sturdy packaging that fits your item’s needs. You’ve got options:

  • Heavy-Duty Cartons: For un-palletized shipping. Handlers should know if they need extra muscle to move them.
  • Pallets: These add stability and can even cut down shipping costs by optimizing space.
  • Custom Wooden Crates: For irregular-shaped, heavy, or super large items.


Use extra padding and secure your items well to prevent any movement during transit.

Shipping Costs for Big Items Internationally 

Heavier and larger items will cost more because they need more handling and space. Sea freight to the USA might range from $160 to $350 per cubic meter. A 20ft container could cost $2,200 to $3,600, and a 40ft one might run $3,500 to $5,500. But remember, special handling could add $120 to $450 to your bill.

Check out more detailed cost guides for specific countries or contact Super International shipping for a precise quote.

Selecting a Shipping Method:

For big international shipments, sea or air freight are your go-to options. Sea freight is often cheaper, especially for heavier loads, but it’s slower. Air freight is quicker but pricier. If your items are less than 150kg or 2 CBM, air might be more cost-effective.

Bonus Tips for International Shipping of Bulky Items:


  • Insurance: It’s a small price to pay for big peace of mind.
  • Split Shipments: If something’s too heavy, divide it into smaller loads.
  • Tracking: Choose a service that lets you watch your shipment’s progress.
  • Customs Clearance: Be ready for hold-ups and additional fees.
  • Delivery Prep: Make sure the receiver knows when to expect the delivery and if they need to do anything special on arrival.

Partner with Professional Chinese Freight Forwarders:

Shipping large packages internationally can be tricky. But with a forwarder like Super International shipping, you get custom solutions, smooth logistics, and cost-effective carrier options.


Keep reading about why a freight forwarder is crucial and how to pick the best one for your big shipment from China to the USA. With the right approach, your large items will arrive safely and without hassle.


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