How to Ship from Alibaba to the USA? – Your Simple Guide

How to Ship from Alibaba to the USA? – Your Simple Guide

    Looking to score deals on Alibaba and bring products into the booming US market? Whether you’re a business owner or an online seller, you’ve come to the right spot!

    We’ll guide you step-by-step on how to send goods from Alibaba straight to the USA, highlighting the top shipping methods and connecting you with a trustworthy freight forwarder that fits your needs.

    Ready to master shipping from Alibaba to the USA? By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped to handle the process smoothly and confidently. Let’s unlock the potential of the US market together!

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    8 Shipping Steps to import from Alibaba to the USA


    1. Pick Your Supplier on Alibaba

    Start by choosing a reputable supplier on Alibaba. Look for high ratings, positive reviews, and those special ‘gold’ badges. Once you pinpoint the right one, discuss product specs, minimum orders, and prices.

    2. Place Your Alibaba Order

    When you’ve agreed on terms, confirm your order quantity. Set clear incoterms with your supplier to establish who handles transportation and shipping. Keep your messages short and understandable to prevent any translation errors.

    3. Find a Freight Forwarder on Alibaba

    It’s essential to use a freight forwarder for shipping to the USA. They’ll sort out the paperwork and streamline the logistics. Sift through Alibaba’s freight forwarders, checking their reviews and US shipping experience.

    4. Choose a Reliable Freight Forwarder

    Pick a trusted freight forwarder like Super International Shipping on Alibaba. They’ll check your orders, repack your items, and ship them affordably. They also manage US customs clearance to make sure you get your goods hassle-free.

    5. Select the Right Shipping Method

    Your choice of shipping method depends on your cargo’s size, type, budget, and how fast you need it. To save on shipping costs, let’s talk and find the right option for you. Reach out for a shipping quote.

    6. Prepare Your Shipping Documents

    As the importer, you’re responsible for providing all the necessary documents for customs. This includes invoices, bills of lading, import licenses, and origin certificates

    7. Start Shipping Your Goods

    Now, send your cargo from Alibaba to the USA. Stay in touch with us to track your shipment and know when to expect it.

     8. Receive Your Shipments 

    Once in the US, you’ll be notified. After customs clearance, your products are ready for you. We also offer door-to-door delivery anywhere in the USA.

    4. Choose a Reliable Freight Forwarder_Super-InternationalShipping

    Shipping from Alibaba to the US: A Tale of Three Helpers

    • The Local Guide: US Freight Forwarder

    You team up with a local expert right from your backyard. They know the rules and talk your language. But they’ve got no boots on the ground in China, so they call a friend there to help out. This means you might pay more and wait longer, but it’s all familiar and easy.

    • The Helper Next Door: Your Alibaba Supplier

    Just like asking a neighbor for a hand, you can ask your Alibaba seller to ship things for you. It’s perfect for beginners, really simple. But watch out, it could cost you extra, and sometimes the seller might go slow to save on their end, leaving you waiting.

    • The Overseas Expert: China Freight Forwarder

    Or you can choose a pro from China, like DFH. These guys are right in the action. They’ll keep an eye on your goods, make sure everything’s packed right, and get it moving fast. People like them because they’re right there where your products are, making sure all’s good from start to finish.

    How to Ship from Alibaba to the USA: Your Top 7 Shipping Options

    1. Express Shipping Freight: Alibaba to USA


    Go for express shipping when speed is your top priority. Companies like DHL, UPS, and FedEx will get your Alibaba orders to the USA fast. Expect to pay a premium for this door-to-door service, but for urgent needs, it’s worth it. Typically, it takes 2-4 days and costs around $4-$10 per kilogram.

    2. Air Freight: Alibaba to USA


    Air freight is your next best bet for quick delivery. It’s less costly than express and just right for valuable items. Plus, you get more flexibility with flight schedules and better control over your shipments. Shipping takes about 3-7 days, with costs hovering around $4-$9 per kilogram.

    3. Sea Freight: Alibaba to USA


    If you’re not in a rush and want to save money, ocean freight is your friend. It’s ideal for shipping large quantities and offers reliable service. Remember, though, it’s slower, taking about 30-40 days, and your costs will likely be in the $3000-$5000 range.

    • LCL Ocean Freight


    Great for smaller shipments between 1-15 cubic meters. You’ll only pay for the space you use.

    • FCL Ocean Freight


    Go FCL for shipments over 15 cubic meters. Sometimes, half a container on FCL can be cheaper than LCL.

    4. Air and Express Combined: Alibaba to USA


    Mix air freight with express delivery for a middle ground on speed and cost. This hybrid can get your goods to you in 11-15 days, with prices ranging from $4-$7.9 per kilogram.

    5. Sea and Express Combined: Alibaba to USA


    Sea to shore then door-to-door. This method gets your items to FBA centers or your doorstep quicker by about 10 days. Charges are by weight, around $1-$2.5 per kilogram for less than 1000kg.

    6. Air Freight and Trucking Combined: Alibaba to USA


    Fly your goods in, then truck them to their final stop. It balances speed with cost and is a go-to for many importers.

    7. Sea Freight and Trucking Combined: Alibaba to USA


    This combo is for the big stuff—pallets or oversized packages. It’s slower than ocean and express but there are no size or weight limits. It’s the way to go for heavy, bulky items.

    Top 7 shipping methods to shipping from China Alibaba to the USA

    How long it takes for Alibaba Shipping to the USA: Timeframes Explained

    How Fast Can You Get Your Alibaba Order?

    Wondering about the delivery time for Alibaba shipments to the USA? It boils down to:

    • Choice of Transport
    • Size and Type of Your Items
    • Ports of Loading and Unloading
    • Carrier and Forwarder Efficiency

    In a nutshell, expect express freight to take 2-4 days, air freight 3-7 days, and sea freight 30-40 days to reach the USA from Alibaba.


    Estimated Shipping Durations

    • Express Freight: 2-6 business days
    • Air Freight: 3-8 business days
    • Sea Freight: 30-40 days
    • Air & Express Combo: 5-12 business days
    • Air & Truck Combo: 5-15 business days
    • Ocean & Express Combo: 20-30 business days
    • Ocean & Truck Combo: 35-45 business days


    Why Trust Super International Shipping for Your Alibaba Shipping Needs?
    Choose Super International Shipping for unmatched expertise in delivering your Alibaba purchases to the USA. With our presence across China, we’re positioned to collect your goods right from the Alibaba seller, plus we offer secure storage until dispatch.

    Perks of Partnering with Super International Shipping:

    • Low-Cost Quality Checks
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    • Complimentary Packaging Tweaks
    • Free Storage Solutions
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    • Seamless Logistics Handling

    Reach out to Super International Shipping for quick and easy shipping from Alibaba to the USA.


    In Summary
    Alibaba stands as a global marketplace giant. Buyers often seek the most efficient shipping routes to the USA. This guide has laid out the timelines and introduced you to Super International Shipping, your go-to for a worry-free shipping experience. Contact us if you need further assistance.


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