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Shipping From Hong Kong To Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview of Shipping Routes Between Hong Kong and Singapore

Shipping from Hong Kong to Singapore plays a crucial role in international trade, linking businesses and consumers across these vibrant markets. For anyone looking to navigate this busy shipping lane efficiently, understanding the various aspects of the route is vital.



How to Choose Your Shipping Option From Hong Kong to Singapore

Depending on the size, weight, urgency, and budget of your shipment, you can opt for air freight, sea freight, or Express Shipping. Each method offers unique benefits:

  • Air freight, though pricier, offers the quickest transit but involves higher fuel costs.
  • Sea freight is more economical but slower, perfect for heavy or bulk goods.
  • Express Shipping work best for small, urgent shipments.

By Sea Freight you will have. 2 options : 

Weather conditions might also influence your choice, affecting routes and delivery times.

Detailed Overview at All Freight Options

Freight Option Best For Key Features Transit Time
Air Freight Urgent or perishable items – Fastest delivery, Enhances safety, Higher cost Within days
Sea Freight Large, heavy shipments without urgency – Cost-effective and Options for FCL and LCL Varies by option
Express Shipping Small to medium-sized urgent packages – Rapid delivery and Ideal for quick shipments 3-5 days
Postal Services Non-urgent, smaller packages – Economical, Slower transit suitable for documents Slower


Air Freight From Hong Kong to Singapore


For urgent or perishable items, air freight is your fastest option, ensuring goods arrive within days. It minimizes handling, thus enhancing safety but comes at a higher cost. Learn more about Air Freight services.


Sea Freight From Hong Kong to Singapore


Offering a cost-effective solution, sea freight is ideal for hefty shipments without time constraints. You can choose between FCL, for larger volumes, and LCL, suitable for smaller shipments. FCL offers quicker transit and less handling risk than LCL. Learn more about Sea Freight services.


Express Shipping and Postal Services

For rapid delivery of small to medium-sized packages, courier services provide a swift, typically 3-5 day link between Hong Kong and Singapore. For non-urgent, smaller packages such as documents, post services are adequate, offering a slower yet viable option. Learn more about Courier services.

Shipping rate and Transit time from Hong Kong to Singapore – Overview

Here is the updated table that breaks down the shipping rates from Hong Kong to Singapore for both LCL and FCL options, providing specific rates for different container sizes.

Shipping Type Shipping Route Rate (USD per CBM) Rate (USD per 20GP) Rate (USD per 40GP) Transit Time (Days)
LCL Shipping Hong Kong to Singapore $3.00 N/A N/A 4 – 8
FCL Shipping Hong Kong to Singapore N/A $70.00 $130.00 3 – 6
  • LCL Shipping Rates:
    • Cost: $3.00 per cubic meter (CBM).
    • Transit Time: 4 to 8 days, making it suitable for less urgent shipments that do not require a full container.
  • FCL Shipping Rates:
    • 20GP Container Cost: $70.00.
    • 40GP Container Cost: $130.00.
    • Transit Time: 3 to 6 days, offering a faster and more secure option for larger shipments.

Import Duties and Taxes in Singapore

When shipping to Singapore, it’s crucial to account for the 9.0% Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other potential duties, especially for goods exceeding the SGD$400 threshold.

Commonly Shipped Goods when importing to Singapore

From electronics and cosmetics to food and beverages, a diverse range of products regularly travels between Hong Kong and Singapore. Understanding sector-specific regulations and market needs is key to successful shipping.

Prohibited and Restricted Items 

Be aware of Singapore’s restrictions on items like chewing gum and certain electronics, ensuring compliance to avoid shipping delays or penalties.

Choosing the Best Shipping Route between Hong Kong and Singapore

With key ports like the Port of Hong Kong and the Port of Singapore , identifying the most efficient shipping lane is essential for timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Why Choose Super International Shipping be your Freight Forwarder in Hong Kong 

Super International Shipping offers tailored solutions across various transport modes, backed by expert support to navigate the complexities of international freight efficiently. Contact us today to streamline your shipping process from Hong Kong to Singapore.

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