What is TEU stand for in Container Shipping ?

Understanding TEU in Container Shipping

What is a TEU?

In the world of container shipping, TEU stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. It’s the standard measure that helps industry professionals figure out how much a container ship can hold. Picture a 20-foot long metal box; that’s the base model for calculating shipping capacity.

TEUs and Shipping Capacity

Since containers come in 20 and 40-foot sizes, the TEU concept keeps the math straightforward. A ship’s cargo space is expressed in TEUs, essentially counting every container as if it were 20 feet long. So, a 40-foot container counts as two TEUs.

The Role of TEUs

Shipping rates are often quoted per TEU, making it crucial to know how many TEUs you’re dealing with for your shipment. It’s not just about the number of containers; it’s their total TEU count that’ll determine your cost.

TEUs Beyond Pricing

TEUs are also the language of Shipping when talking about a ship’s capacity or a port’s activity. They’re the common denominator for reporting how busy ports are or how much a ship can handle.

For instance, the world largest container vessel can carry 23,436 TEU per vessel, according to Resource

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