The CSC Plate Unlocking the Secrets of Container Safety and Leasing

The CSC Plate: Unlocking the Secrets of Container Safety and Leasing

Navigating the labyrinth of container logistics can seem daunting. However, one key element provides a clear understanding of container safety and leasing: the CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate. Whether you’re leasing a one-way container or dealing with used shipping line containers, the CSC plate acts as a guiding light. This guide takes you on a journey through the intricacies of CSC plates, container conditions, container prefixes, and their implications for shipping safety.



Various shipping containers at a bustling port with labels IICL, WWT, and Cargo Worthy.

CSC Plate: The Safety Seal of Shipping Containers

The CSC plate, often referred to as the Safety Approval Plate, is a mandatory metal plate attached to every shipping container manufactured since 1972 under the International Convention for Safe Containers. It carries vital information such as the manufacturer’s identification, container identification number, maximum gross weight, and more, acting as the container’s birth certificate and periodic health report.

Deciphering Container Conditions Through CSC Plates

The CSC plate is a crystal ball that reveals a container’s condition. It holds the date of manufacture and the due date for the next inspection—typically every 30 months. When you’re leasing a one-way container or buying a used shipping line container, the CSC plate is your first stop. A valid CSC plate ensures the container has passed all necessary safety checks and is ready for international shipping.

CSC Plates and Container Prefixes: A Tandem Tale

Container prefixes, a series of four letters imprinted on the CSC plate, play a crucial role in tracing container ownership. The first three letters represent the owner, while the fourth—usually a “U”—indicates the container category. Comprehending these prefixes equips you with the ability to trace the container lineage, an essential step when you’re dealing with one-way container leasing or used shipping line containers.

Navigating One-Way Container Leasing with CSC Plates

In the world of one-way container leasing, where a single journey is the norm, the CSC plate is your safety compass. It guarantees the lessee that the container adheres to international safety standards and is fit for the trip. Remember, before leasing, the validity of the CSC plate and the container’s overall condition should be your primary checkpoints

CSC Plate: The Assurance Stamp in Used Shipping Line Container Purchases

When it comes to investing in used shipping line containers, the CSC plate functions as a quality and safety indicator. A valid CSC plate assures you that the container stands up to international safety norms, adding a layer of confidence to your investment.


The CSC plate is far more than just a piece of metal—it’s a container’s safety passport, a historical record, and an essential tool for those in the business of leasing or purchasing containers. Whether it’s one-way container leasing or acquiring used shipping line containers, a thorough understanding of the CSC plate is non-negotiable.

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