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Super International Shipping is your one-stop destination for all auto transportation needs. We understand the importance of secure transport for vehicles. Our expertise and reliable logistics promise the safe delivery of your vehicle – be it a car, truck, motorbike, boat or any other type of vehicle – to its destination with the best solutions possible.

What transport methods to ship your vehicles from China?

RORO shipping is the popular option for sending vehicles abroad, but there are other methods like air freight, container shipping and flat rack. These can be used for transporting cars, motorcycles or other similar-sized items internationally.

RORO Shipping 

RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) Shipping is the ideal choice for transporting vehicles from China swiftly and affordably. This method is highly favored by car companies, vehicle exporters, and importers, as well as industries like mining, construction, and agriculture that require efficient transportation of heavy equipment.

Benefits of RORO Shipping:

Speed and Efficiency

  • Our RORO shipping services ensure swift and efficient transportation of vehicles. With the roll-on/roll-off method, your vehicle can be driven directly onto the vessel or loaded onto a specialized transporter, allowing for a seamless and time-saving process.


  • RORO transport eliminates the need for expensive container fees and complex loading processes, making it a budget-friendly option. By choosing our RORO services, you can save on costs while ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination safely.

Extensive Global Network:

  • As a reputable shipping provider, Super International Shipping operates through a vast network of carriers worldwide. Our RORO services cover various ports in China, offering convenient shipping connections to destinations across the globe.

Secure Vehicle Handling:

  • We prioritize the safety and security of your vehicles during transportation. Our experienced team possesses the expertise to handle vehicles of all sizes, including cars, trucks, and heavy equipment, ensuring their protection throughout the shipping process.

      Why Choose LOLO Shipping Services for Cost-Effective and Convenient Transport?

      When it comes to shipping large inoperable vehicles and equipment, LOLO (Lift-On/Lift-Off) transportation offers a cost-effective and convenient solution. Consider the advantages of LOLO shipping services for international vehicle transport:


      • LOLO transport eliminates the need for vehicles and equipment to be driven onboard, resulting in potential cost savings. This makes it a cost-effective choice for shipping items that cannot fit on standard trailers. Additionally, the accessibility of LOLO services from various ports worldwide adds to its overall convenience and cost efficiency.

      Enhanced Cargo Capacity:

      • LOLO ships are equipped with cranes that facilitate efficient loading and unloading of vehicles and equipment. With their increased cargo capacity compared to RORO and container vessels, LOLO shipping can accommodate larger and bulkier items, ensuring efficient transportation.

      Flexibility and Preparation:

      • While LOLO shipping may require additional preparation compared to RORO, it offers flexibility to accommodate unique cargo requirements. Unlike RORO, where vehicles can be driven on and off the ship, LOLO relies on lifting equipment for loading and unloading. If your shipment allows for flexible delivery deadlines and you prioritize cost-effectiveness, LOLO shipping is an excellent option.

      Consideration of Delivery Time:

      • It’s important to note that LOLO shipping may have slightly longer transit times compared to RORO. If time is a crucial factor and you require faster delivery, RORO remains the optimal choice. However, if you have flexibility in delivery deadlines and seek a cost-effective solution for transporting large inoperable vehicles and equipment, LOLO shipping provides a reliable alternative.

      Advantages of Container Shipping for Vehicle Transport from China

      Container shipping is the preferred method for transporting cars from China due to its safety and reliability. Discover the benefits of container shipping for international vehicle transport:

      Enhanced Safety

      • Container shipping ensures the highest level of safety for your vehicle. With your car fully enclosed throughout the entire voyage, it is protected from external elements and potential damage. This makes container shipping an ideal choice, especially for luxury cars or vehicles of high value.

      Versatile Vehicle

      • Accommodation: Ocean container car transportation can accommodate a wide range of vehicle types, as long as they fit within the standard container dimensions of 8 feet wide x 8 feet high x 20 to 40 feet long. This flexibility allows for the transportation of various cars, including sedans, SUVs, and motorcycles.

      Combined Shipping Options:

      • Container shipping offers the advantage of combining your car transport with other items. If you are planning to relocate internationally, you can utilize the available space in the container to ship not only your car but also household goods and personal belongings. This saves you time and money by consolidating your shipping needs into a single container.

      Personal Belongings Security:

      • Unlike Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping, which requires the removal of all personal belongings from the vehicle, container shipping allows you to keep your personal belongings securely packed inside the container. This added convenience ensures that all your possessions are transported together, simplifying the logistics of your move.

      Choose container shipping for your vehicle transport needs from China and experience the safety, versatility, and convenience it offers. While container shipping may come at a slightly higher cost compared to RORO rates, the peace of mind and added benefits make it a preferred option. Contact us today to explore container shipping options and ensure a smooth and secure transportation process for your vehicle.

      Benefits of Flat Rack Container Shipping Services for Specialized Cargo

      Flat Rack container shipping services offer a reliable and secure solution for shipping specialized cargo with unusual dimensions. Discover the advantages of choosing Flat Rack containers for your transport needs:

      Secure Fastening

      • Flat Rack containers feature open-top platforms with steel frames to securely fasten vehicles, trailers, heavy industrial equipment, yachts, and other objects of varying shapes and sizes. This ensures that your cargo remains stable and protected during transportation, even in challenging conditions.

      Versatile Accommodation

      • Flat Rack containers are available in two sizes, 20′ and 40′ feet, providing flexibility to accommodate a wide range of cargo dimensions. Whether you need to transport oversized trucks, construction machinery, agriculture equipment, or irregularly shaped objects, Flat Rack containers offer a suitable solution.

      Reliable Transportation

      • By utilizing Flat Rack container shipping services, you can trust in the reliability of your cargo’s journey. These specialized containers are designed to withstand the rigors of sea transportation, ensuring that your cargo arrives at its destination safely and in optimal condition.

      Specialized Cargo Handling

      • Flat Rack containers are specifically tailored to handle challenging cargo types. Whether you have heavy machinery, oversized vehicles, or unique equipment, Flat Rack shipping services provide the appropriate infrastructure and expertise to transport your specialized cargo efficiently.

      Choose Flat Rack container shipping services for your specialized cargo needs and benefit from secure fastening, versatile accommodation, reliable transportation, and specialized cargo handling. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience for your unique cargo.

      Why Choose Super International Shipping for Vehicle Shipping from China?

      ● We provide door to door and port to port vehicle shipping from China, Our Container/RORO division offers specialized services for both personal and business needs. With our experience in handling complicated logistics projects, you can be sure your vehicle will arrive safely and undamaged at its destination. We strive to offer a seamless delivery process so that you benefit fully from our services.

      ● We have an extensive network of auto transportation providers & agents to offer you the most affordable container & RORO shipping rates. Our strategic alliances with the prominent RORO shippers ensure you get the best cargo quotes.

      ● With our extensive understanding of the Chinese culture and import/export regulations, we are your trusted partner when it comes to international vehicle shipping from China to Worldwide. We have a thorough knowledge of the ports, customs regulations and are well-versed in the system.

      ● We can reach any destination, no matter how remote. Our vehicle shipping services extend to ports and cities all over the globe, so your location is never out of reach. Super International Shipping is the ideal choice for those who are looking to transport cars, RV’s, boats, vans, buses, trucks or heavy machinery from China. They have all the necessary experience & know-how to ensure your vehicle’s safe shipping and delivery at a reasonable cost.


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