Everything You Need to Know About the China Certificate of Origin

Everything You Need to Know About the China Certificate of Origin

When importing goods from China, it’s crucial to have a China Certificate of Origin. This document proves that the items you’re importing are actually made in China, which is essential for several reasons.

Why Do You Need a China Certificate of Origin?

The Certificate of Origin helps to:

  • Confirm the goods’ origin for customs clearance.
  • Provide data for trade analysis.
  • Offer proof of the product’s quality or for trade settlements.
  • Influence the duty rates applied to your imports, as different countries may impose varying tariffs based on the origin.

When is a Certificate of Origin Required?

You’ll need this certificate when:

  • The importing country’s customs demand it.
  • Your buyer insists on one.
  • You need to meet specific trade or quota restrictions.
  • It’s required for financial documentation like letters of credit.

Always check with your local customs office to see if a Certificate of Origin will benefit your shipment. Note that in some places like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Syria, having a Certificate of Origin is compulsory, regardless of tariff benefits.

How to Filling Out a Certificate of Origin: A Quick Guide

A typical Certificate of Origin form asks for:

  • Exporter and Consignee Details: Complete addresses and contact info are needed.
  • Transport Routes and Methods: This includes your shipment’s journey details, like shipping from Shanghai to Hamburg via Hong Kong by vessel.
  • Description of Goods: What you’re shipping, how much, and its packaging details.

Certificate Types and When You Might Need Them

Depending on where your goods are headed, you might need different versions of the Certificate of Origin:

  • General Form: Works worldwide but doesn’t affect duty rates.
  • Form A: Needed for trade with many European and other developed countries.
  • Form E: Used specifically for trade within the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area.

Quick Tips:

  • Check requirements early: Knowing when you need a Certificate of Origin can save you a lot of trouble with customs.
  • Get your supplier involved: They can often handle the application for you, ensuring all details are correct.

Properly using a Certificate of Origin not only smooths out your import process but can also lead to better tariff rates on certain products. If you’re unsure about any details or need more info on specific shipping documents, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional advice.

Quick Q&A on the China Certificate of Origin


Who can get this certification China Certificate of Origin ?


Any product that is manufactured and exported from China is eligible, as long as it complies with China’s Regulation of Place of Origin for Import and Export Commodity.


Who handles the application process?


This task is typically managed by your supplier, whether they’re a trading company or a manufacturer. Just ensure they have the necessary export license.


Who issues this certificate in China?


The certificate can be issued by the local AQSIQ authority or the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).


When should you apply for this certificate?


It’s best to apply at least five working days before your shipment’s estimated departure time. If you apply after the shipment has left, the certificate will be marked as “issued retrospectively.”


How long does it take to get the certificate?


The certificate is usually issued within 1-2 working days. There’s no electronic version, so timing is critical.


How many certificates do I need if I have multiple shipments?


You need one certificate per Bill of Lading (B/L). If several shipments are under one B/L, just one certificate will suffice.


What if my supplier can’t obtain the certificate?

If your supplier is unable to assist, we can help. Contact us for a competitive service in obtaining the China Certificate of Origin.

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