How to Avoid Chinese New Year Shipping Delays in 2024

International Shipping and Chinese New Year: Tips for Your Business

Get Ready for Chinese New Year 2024 Now

    How to Avoid Lunar New Year Shipping Delays in 2024

    When is Chinese New Year 2024?

    Chinese New Year is on the horizon, and it’s time to gear up! February 10th, 2024 marks the celebration, and while it might seem distant, the time to act is now. Why? Because in China, this isn’t just a holiday—it’s a major event that sees businesses and customs shutting down well in advance.


    Why Plan Early for Chinese New Year?

    Come February 10th, businesses start winding down, leaving you with just weeks to sort your shipments. Delay, and you could be stuck waiting until celebrations end.


    Key Chinese New Year Logistics Trends

    As January hits, the countdown begins. Expect businesses to start closing from the second or third week of January. This means reduced shipping volumes and operations pausing until post-holiday.


    Post-CNY Operations: The Real Picture

    Don’t expect instant normalcy post-Feb 10th. Factories take time, often four to six weeks, to ramp up production again. This downtime can lead to backlogs, quality dips, and manpower shortages as workers may seek new jobs.


    Capacity Squeeze and Route Limitations

    Alongside Chinese New Year, other factors like trucker shortage measures can cause container and routing challenges.


    Expect a Spike in Freight Rates

    Freight rates, already high, tend to surge as Chinese New Year approaches due to increased demand.


    Preparation: Your Strategy for Chinese New Year Success

    Planning and partnering with a trusted forwarder like Super International Shipping can make all the difference.


    Get a Head Start with Super International Shipping

    To streamline your shipping during this peak season, consider joining Super International Shipping Freight. Register now to ease your Chinese New Year shipping woes. 

      How to avoid shipping delay in Lunch New Year 2024

      How to Beat Chinese New Year Shipping Delays with These 7 Tips


      Avoid Chinese New Year (CNY) Shipping and Production Delays

      For importers, CNY can lead to frustrating delays. Having heard your concerns, I’ve crafted a guide to sidestep these setbacks.

      Google searches don’t always give the specifics you need, so let’s dive into practical advice that small importers will find invaluable.

      1. Schedule Your Orders Early

      Plan 20-30 Days Ahead: Factories often shut down 10 days before the official CNY break. To play it safe, finalize your orders 20-30 days before CNY kicks off.

      Understand “Chunyun”: This travel rush affects production as workers head home early. If your product takes over 15 days to make, order even earlier.

      Busy Factories: If your supplier is swamped, ordering 30-45 days in advance isn’t just good advice—it’s a necessity.

      2. Small Importers, Less Stress

      Small Orders, Fewer Worries: If your production time is under 7 days, CNY’s impact should be minimal. Just check your supplier’s holiday schedule 15-20 days in advance.

      Spot Goods and Trading Companies: Be aware that some items might be out of stock and won’t be replenished until after CNY.

      3. Shipping Cutoff Times Matter

      Ship Before the Rush: Aim to ship Full container Load (FCL) / Less than container Load (LCL) cargo 3-4 days before CNY. However, to dodge any last-minute hitches, ship a little earlier.

      Shipping Costs: Expect a spike in fees a week before CNY due to high demand. Rates usually drop post-CNY until April.

      4. Next Order Timing

      Lock in Pre-CNY Prices?: Some suppliers might suggest you order before the holiday to avoid price hikes. Unless it’s a trusted, long-term supplier, consider waiting until after CNY.

      5. During CNY, Focus Elsewhere

      Communication Blackout: For about 16 days around CNY, reaching your Chinese partners will be tough. Use this time to concentrate on local business.

      6. Post-CNY Work Resumption

      Back to Business: Expect a 7-10 day delay after the official holiday before everything returns to normal, as workers travel back and companies hire new staff.

      7. Post-CNY Price Fluctuations

      Expect Price Adjustments: After CNY, prices may rise due to increased labor and material costs, or sometimes even drop. Check with your suppliers for new quotes.

      In Closing

      Armed with these tips, you’re set to navigate CNY like a pro. If this guide was helpful, feel free to share it. Got questions about Shipping from China? Drop a comment, and we’re here to assist!


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