How to Calculate the Cost of Air Freight Services from China

How to Calculate the Cost of Air Freight Services from China

Importing from China for your business? Sea, air and rail are transport options for long distances. For faster delivery of small, light goods like electronics, watches and jewelry, air freight from China is often best.

When calculating air shipping rates, consider product weight, dimensions, speed required, extra services, and airport availability. Compare rates across forwarders as they vary based on contracts and fuel fees. Choose a forwarder with transparent pricing and routing options tailored to your shipment.

    Why Air Freight from China Makes Sense for Businesses

    Air shipping offers major benefits for companies importing goods from China. Air freight is fast, safe, and accessible – ideal for businesses seeking logistical simplicity.

    Unlike slow ocean transport, air freight from China provides:

    • Speedy transit times to accelerate product launches or replenishments
    • Easy booking as you simply provide your supplier with the delivery address
    • Potential for shipment tracking to monitor status

    Air transport is also affordable compared to sea freight, especially for high-value, low-weight products. For wholesalers and SMEs alike, air shipping from China checks all the boxes.

    Air freight Services from China


    Air freight delivers goods from China to destinations within 7-10 business days on average. Transit times depend on flight routes and frequency between China and the delivery region.

    Compare that to 40+ days for ocean shipping, not counting port clearance and final delivery. This snail’s pace of sea freight adds a month or more before imported products can launch or restock.

    The expedited speed of air travel from China enables companies in Europe and North America to beat the market by weeks. Getting goods to customers faster via air shipment provides a clear competitive advantage.

    For industries where being first matters or supply chain agility is critical, air freight out of China makes perfect sense. The extra fees pay off when you can capture sales before rivals still waiting on ocean freight.

      Air Freight Costs from China Worth It for Light, Valuable Goods

      Air Freight Costs from China Worth It for Light, Valuable Goods

      While air freight has higher base rates than sea shipping, it becomes cost-effective for goods that are light or high-value.

      Air shipments from China comprise just 5% of import volume, but 30% of total import value. The premium paid makes sense for pricey, lightweight electronics, apparel, or pharmaceuticals.

      For heavy, bulky products like furniture or fabrics, air is often too expensive. Ocean freight costs are simply calculated by weight.

      Air freight pricing considers an item’s dimensions or weight. Compare both modes with your forwarder to determine the best fit and value for your specific cargo.


      Figuring Out Air Freight Costs from China

      Air freight rates are based on either volumetric weight or actual weight.

      • Volumetric weight suits large, lightweight items like teddy bears. Dimensions are used to calculate a cubic volume, then multiplied by a standard density factor.
      • Actual weight works better for dense goods. The shipment weight in kilos is multiplied by the rate per kilo, such as 4.6 euros.

      Airlines charge whichever weight calculation results in the higher cost – volumetric or actual. This ensures they fully recover costs based on space efficiency.

      For example:

      • Volumetric weight priced for teddy bears
      • Actual weight priced for machinery

      Knowing these metrics helps estimate air freight expenses from China.

      Key Factors When Importing from China by Air


      When considering air freight from China, keep in mind:

      • Volumetric factors vary by carrier and product density
      • Best for high-value, low-volume, dense goods like electronics and jewelry
      • Optimal for shipments under 50kg and 2 cubic meters
      • Fast transit time makes it preferred when speed is critical
      • Higher costs but worth it for urgent deliveries or high-value cargo
      • Compare air versus ocean to select the best shipping mode

      Evaluating these elements will determine if paying more for air freight makes sense over slower, cheaper sea freight for your China imports.

      How Air Freight Shipment from China Works

      The 7 basic stages of air transport from China:

      • Goods moved from supplier to origin airport
      • Export customs clearance and documentation
      • Cargo loaded onto aircraft
      • Shipment flies to destination airport
      • Airport arrival customs and duties
      • Cargo unloaded and made available for pickup
      • Importer arranges final delivery to warehouse

      Incoterms impact process – EXW means importer arranges inland transport; DAT/DAP includes airport charges in freight quote.

      Knowing the workflow will help maximize efficiency when importing from China by air. Monitor status and have all required paperwork ready for rapid customs clearance.

      7 Key benefits of Insuring Your Air Freight from China and why ? 

      • Insurance costs are reasonable, around 1-2% of shipment value
      • Covers damage from poor packaging or handling
      • Get compensation if goods are damaged without hassle
      • Simply provide proofs like photos and value protocol
      • Watch for restrictions e.g. lithium batteries require special labeling
      • Work with an experienced freight forwarder familiar with regulations
      • Peace of mind that your shipment is protected door-to-door

      Insuring air freight shipments is highly recommended to protect against loss or damage. For a small fee, you safeguard your cargo and mitigate financial risks.

      Simplifying Air Freight Shipping from China

      Want to import goods from China but don’t know where to begin? Let Super International Shipping handle it all:

      • Air Freight 
      • Warehouse 
      • Customs clearance
      • Door to door delivery

      With our end-to-end air freight services, importing from China is easy. We take care of everything from finding products to delivering to your door.

      Don’t struggle through the complex world of international shipping. Our experts simplify the process so you can focus on your business.

      Contact us today to get started with stress-free air freight from China. We’ve got you covered from departure to destination.


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