Import pet products and supplies from china

How to import pet products and supplies from China

The latest data shows that Europeans have a strong affinity for pet ownership. Over 340 million pets like cats, dogs, small mammals, and reptiles are kept as pets across EU households.

Pet popularity extends beyond traditional demographics. Growing numbers of single-person homes are welcoming animal companions. Overall, Europeans are demonstrably passionate about pets and eager to provide quality care.

In turn, a robust pet industry has emerged to meet owner demand. The market offers an extensive range of products and services to accommodate pet trends. Owners readily invest in innovations that enrich their pets’ lives.

For companies with creative new offerings in the pet space, opportunities abound. Leveraging Europeans’ willingness to indulge beloved pets can yield success. The numbers confirm pet enthusiasm translates to profit potential in this sector.

Importing from China for your business? Sea, air and rail are transport options for long distances. For faster delivery of small, light goods like electronics, watches and jewelry, air freight from China is often best.

When calculating air shipping rates, consider product weight, dimensions, speed required, extra services, and airport availability. Compare rates across forwarders as they vary based on contracts and fuel fees. Choose a forwarder with transparent pricing and routing options tailored to your shipment.

    3 reason why import pet supplies and  accessories from China

    There are three reasons why China has strategically positioned itself as the ideal place for importing pet products:

    • Access to Budget-Friendly Pet Essentials

    Chinese suppliers provide pet products at highly competitive rates. Bulk discounts on wholesale pet supplies far exceed those in other countries. Importing affordably-priced goods from China allows businesses to maximize profit margins on resale.


    • Unique and Innovative Pet Offerings

    Manufacturers in China are continuously developing novel pet products not readily available elsewhere. Importing one-of-a-kind items provides differentiation in the marketplace. China’s creativity yields new pet gadgets that captivate consumers.


    • Commitment to Quality and Durability

    Chinese pet brands compete aggressively on quality to meet consumer expectations. Despite assumptions, Chinese pet products boast impressive longevity and construction. However, research is key to identifying the most reliable suppliers committed to excellence.


    How to purchase pet products and supplies from China


    Looking to import pet products from China? Trading platforms like Alibaba and Globalsources offer extensive catalogs of suppliers ready to connect. There are also specialized sourcing companies that can help facilitate the process.

    With over 387,490 pet-related listings, Alibaba presents unlimited possibilities to source everything imaginable for pets. Manufacturers across China display their ranges of innovative and affordable pet products on the platform. Complementing this, Globalsources connects importers to a diversity of pet supplies and accessories at competitive prices. Together, the sites provide a vast marketplace to compare and purchase any pet-related products directly. Alternatively, sourcing companies based in China offer services to identify and validate suppliers, negotiate pricing, oversee quality control, and manage logistics for pet product imports. Their expertise can simplify the import process.  Finding the right trading partners is effortless by browsing supplier options on Alibaba and Globalsources or engaging a sourcing company. Simply explore the catalogs, order samples if needed, and place bulk orders through the platform or agent.  When selecting suppliers for pet products, the most important consideration is proper certification and registration. Prioritize companies that have obtained:


    • ISO 9001 certification – Verifies quality management processes and standards
    • FedEx or BSCI registration – Validates ethical and responsible manufacturing
    • Positive reviews – Indicates reliable delivery of quality products
    • Competitive pricing – Demonstrates value to customers


    These credentials require suppliers to meet strict industry requirements set by government bodies. Companies that made this investment are motivated to maintain compliance. The certifications provide assurance you are working with vetted partners capable of fulfilling orders to your specifications.

    Conducting due diligence protects your business when importing pet goods. Verify registration and compliance status. Check reviews and comparisons. This rigorous evaluation gives confidence in the supplier’s credibility and commitment to quality. By partnering with certified companies, you can ensure a smooth import process that meets your expectations.

      15 Most best selling pet products you can import from China

      If you’re looking to import popular pet products from China, focus on these best-sellers:

      1. Pet Travel Accessories – Carriers, bags, car seats, strollers, ramps, steps, and more for traveling with pets
      2. Cat Cages – Secure enclosed cages and condos for indoor cats
      3. Dog Leashes – Leashes, harnesses, collars, and leads for walking dogs
      4. Pet Grooming Brushes – Brushes for cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and other animals
      5. Pet Textiles – Beds, mats, blankets, bowls, toys, apparel, and other fabric pet products
      6. Cat Trees – Multi-level scratching posts and climbing towers for cats
      7. Cat/Dog Sofas – Comfy sofas and beds for pets to lounge on
      8. Pet Cleaning Products – Shampoos, wipes, odor control, dental care products
      9. Dog Crate Furniture – Stylish wooden crates that look like end tables
      10. XXL Dog Crates – Extra large crates for giant breed dogs
      11. Pet Trackers – GPS and RFID tags to track lost pets
      12. Pet Electronics – Automated feeders, water fountains, self-cleaning litter boxes, etc.
      13. Dog Nail Trimmers – Safe trimmers designed specifically for dog nails
      14. Pet Toys – Chew toys, treat puzzles, balls, plush animals, catnip toys, and more
      15. Pet Apparel – Fun sweaters, coats, hoodies, pajamas, and accessories for pets


      The list of top pet product imports from China is extensive, but these categories represent the most in-demand items found at pet supply retailers. When searching “pet shop near me”, you’ll likely find these same products sourced from Chinese manufacturers and promoted online. It’s important to select suppliers carefully as their capabilities determine the range of products available to your business. Partner with a manufacturer that specializes in your target pet category so you can fully capitalize on the complete product line.


      How to ship pet product and supplies from China?

      When it comes to shipping pet supplies from China, you have several excellent options at your disposal including air freight, sea freight, and express freight services.

      • Air Freight: Best for 90-230 kg shipments. Delivers in 2-10 days plus 1-5 days for customs. Fastest option but more expensive.
      • Sea Freight: For heavy shipments over 230 kgs without an urgent timeline. Takes 14-35 days plus customs clearance. Slow but more affordable.
      • Express Freight: Fast option for smaller items like pet food. Guaranteed quickest possible transit time.
      • Rail Freight: Cost-effective between air and sea. Slower than air but faster than sea. Popular method.
      • Ocean + Express: Combine cost savings of ocean with speed of express. Good compromise.
      • Air + Express: Rush air freight with direct express final mile. Fastest end-to-end service.
      • Multi-mode: Mix transport for unique needs. Air to port, ocean to destination, express final delivery.

      How to Choose the Right Shipping service for Pet supplies and Product Imports 

      • Air & express for urgent shipments, 2-10 day timeline
      • Sea freight for low cost, 14-35+ day timeline
      • Air handles lighter cargo under 500 lbs
      • Sea takes heavy, bulky shipments
      • Express best for perishable or fragile items
      • Sea OK for durable goods
      • Work with logistics provider to select optimal method based on urgency, cost, cargo needs
      • Get personalized solution to ship pet supplies quickly and affordably


      In summary, importing pet supplies from China successfully requires:

      • Thoroughly vetting suppliers for quality and reliability
      • Choosing the optimal shipping method that balances speed, cost and delivery needs
      • Leveraging flexible freight options like air, sea and express
      • Working with an expert logistics partner to streamline the import process

      At Super International Shipping, we provide personalized solutions to import pet supplies from China efficiently. Our experienced team guides you through selecting reputable manufacturers and the right shipping for your cargo, timeline and budget. Contact us anytime – we’re ready 24/7 to help with your import from China


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