Shipping Cost From China to Canada (Updated January 2024)

Shipping Cost of From China to Canada

Curious about the cost to ship your China-bought items to Canada? It’s a complex tale of logistics and economics. In this quick guide, we’ll shed light on the shipping charges that often stay hidden behind the scenes. From businesses to everyday buyers, get the scoop on what it truly takes, financially, to move your goods from the heart of China to your Canadian home. Let’s dive into the numbers and make sense of those shipping receipts!

Understanding the Cost Puzzle of Shipping from China to the Canada

Delving into the factors influencing the cost of shipping from China to Canada reveals a multifaceted matrix of considerations. Travel Distance & Shipping Route take center stage; the farther and more complex the route, the steeper the cost due to increased fuel, labor, and transit time. Your choice of Transportation Mode is pivotal — air freight offers speed at a premium, while ocean freight is cost-effective for larger loads, and rail presents a balanced alternative. Then there’s Container Choices: think of this as selecting the right room for your goods, whether it’s a standard size, a spacious high cube, or a refrigerated option for temperature-sensitive cargo. And we can’t overlook Weight & Volume — the bulkier and heavier your package, the more it impacts shipping costs, as both attributes affect fuel consumption and the space your items will occupy. Understanding these elements is key to navigating the financial voyage your goods will embark on from China to the heart of Canada.

    5 Key factors determining Shipping Costs From China To Canada


    Weight and volume of the cargo

    Shipping rates hinge on the weight and volume of your cargo. Heavier shipments cost more, and for light yet large items, volume is the determining factor. For Air Freight, the greater of the actual weight and the volumetric weight (calculated as Length x Width x Height/6000) is used to calculate the cost. For a comprehensive guide on how to calculate chargeable weight, refer to this detailed resource.

    Transit time

    The urgency of your shipment significantly affects the cost. Express Air Freight, though priciest, delivers within 1-4 days, while regular Air Freight takes about 7-10 days. Sea Freight, the most economical option, requires 30-40 days for delivery. 


    The shipping cost significantly varies with the distance between the loading and delivery points. 

    Delivery Service Type

    There are four main services – port-to-port, door-to-door, door-to-port, and port-to-door. Express Air Freight offers door-to-door service, while standard Air Freight is typically port-to-port unless you opt for an ‘all-included’ service that covers the entire transportation chain.

    Shipping season

    Shipping rates fluctuate with the season, peaking during Chinese holidays like the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Qing Ming Festival, Golden Week, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Planning your shipment around these high and low seasons can be cost-effective. 


    Sea freight Cost From China to Canada

    Full Container Shipping (FCL) Cost From China To Canada (Updated February 2024)

    Discover the average costs of shipping a 20 foot and 40 foot Full Container Load (FCL) from various cities in China to Canada

    From (China) To Canada Type of Container Average Ocean Freight Rate
    Shanghai Montreal 20 foot container $4550
    Shanghai Montreal 40 foot container $5320
    Shenzhen Montreal 20 foot container $4900
    Shenzhen Montreal 40 foot container $5600
    Ningbo Montreal 20 foot container $3690
    Ningbo Montreal 40 foot container $4080
    Hong Kong Montreal 20 foot container $3840
    Hong Kong Montreal 40 foot container $4230
    Guangzhou Montreal 20 foot container $4900
    Guangzhou Montreal 40 foot container $5600
    Qingdao Montreal 20 foot container $4950
    Qingdao Montreal 40 foot container $5750
    Tianjin Montreal 20 foot container $4950
    Tianjin Montreal 40 foot container $5750
    Dalian Montreal 20 foot container $4950
    Dalian Montreal 40 foot container $5750
    Xiamen Montreal 20 foot container $4950
    Xiamen Montreal 40 foot container $5750
    Yingkou Montreal 20 foot container $4950
    Yingkou Montreal 40 foot container $5750

    Given the variability and complexity of these factors, we recommend contacting our company for the most accurate, up-to-date information on current shipping costs from China to the United States. Contact us today for quote based on your specific shipping requirements

    Less-than-container-load (LCL) Shipping Cost From China To Canada (Updated Dec 2023)

    On average, the cost to ship goods from China to the Canada using LCL (Less than Container Load) ranges between $171 to $181

    Air Freight cost From China to Canada

    Weight Range (KG) Air Service Type Average Rate per KG (USD)
    10 Express Air Freight $13.13 – $18.09
    45 Standard Air Freight $9.55 – $12.06
    100 Standard Air Freight $8.54 – $10.90
    300-500 Standard Air Freight $11.93 – $12.94

    Air Freight Rates From China to Canada Per KG (updated Jan 2024)

    If you’re looking to send a shipment by standard air freight priced around $12 per kilo, it’s an affordable way to get your goods where they need to go.

    Air Express Freight Rates per KG from China to Canada for under 21kgs (updated Jan 2024)

    For items weighing 0.5-5.5KG, the cost is $13-18 per kg, and for those between 10 KG, it’s $13-18 per kg.

    Air Express Freight Costs per KG from China to Canada for over 21kgs (updated Jan 2024)

    For shipments over 21KG, the rates likely adjust downwards as weight increases. Cargo weight between 21KG-70KG, the rate ranges from $11-13. And for heavier shipments above 70KG, the rate may decrease further to around $10-12 per kg. Generally, the more volume and weight, the lower the per kg rate.

    ePacket and China Post per kgs from China to Canada

    For ePacket and China Post services from China to the Canada, there’s a fixed fee of $2.17 per package. The charge per weight is $0.01 per gram, starting from a weight of 50g. The maximum weight limit for these services is 2000g.

    What are the additional Costs in China and Canada Shipping

    When calculating total shipping costs, don’t forget to account for additional costs. These include:

    • Port Charges, which cover the use of port facilities, handling, and administration.
    • Customs Fees and Duties, which vary based on the type of goods and their value.
    • Inland Transportation, which covers the cost of moving goods to and from the ports.
    • Insurance to protect against damage, loss, or theft during transportation.
    • Documentation Fees for processing and handling the required shipping documents.
    • Destination Charges at the Canada port for unloading, handling, and other services.
    • Container Type and Special Requirements, such as refrigerated containers, which can come with additional costs.

    Market Dynamics:

    Keep in mind that shipping costs can be influenced by various market factors, including global economic conditions, trade imbalances, fuel prices, and geopolitical events. These dynamics can lead to fluctuations in shipping rates over time.

    For the most accurate and up-to-date information on shipping costs from China to Canada ports and port charges, contact Super International Shipping. Our freight forwarding experts can provide a custom quote based on your specific shipping needs and the latest shipping costs.


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