Everything you need to know about AliExpress Shipping

A Comprehensive Guide to AliExpress Shipping – Understanding Standard, Premium, and Tracking Procedures

When it comes to online shopping, timely delivery is a crucial factor. If you’re an avid AliExpress user or plan on becoming one, understanding how their shipping works can enhance your shopping experience significantly. This article will delve into AliExpress shipping, specifically focusing on AliExpress standard shipping, the shipping time, how long it takes to ship, tracking procedures, and AliExpress premium shipping. 


    Aliexpress Shipping From China

    Unraveling AliExpress Shipping

    AliExpress, a renowned online shopping platform owned by the Alibaba Group, offers a plethora of shipping options. These options range from sea freight to air freight, depending on factors like the size and volume of your goods, geographical location, and the seller.

    Among various methods, AliExpress standard shipping and premium shipping are noteworthy. Let’s delve into these shipping methods to understand them better.

    Understanding AliExpress Standard Shipping

    AliExpress Standard Shipping is a logistics company owned by the Alibaba Group. This method is not strictly a delivery service but functions more as an agent, handling most of the logistics and control issues related to packages.

    AliExpress standard shipping collaborates with numerous postal and courier carriers, including Singapore Post, Posti Finland, Correos, and other global services.

    Features of AliExpress Standard Shipping

    • Cost-Effective: Though not the least expensive delivery method, it often proves worthwhile to pay a little extra due to the value it provides.

    • Tracking: This shipping method includes tracking, making it popular among drop shippers. Both transaction and tracking information is stored on AliExpress, allowing sellers and consumers to easily check the order status.

    • Reputable: AliExpress Standard Shipping’s safety is top-notch, ensuring security for your purchases.

    • Estimated Delivery Time: Typically, goods have an estimated delivery time of 15-45 days. However, luxury tier shipments in AliExpress can speed up the delivery to 7-15 days.

    AliExpress Premium Shipping From China

    Delving into AliExpress Premium Shipping

    AliExpress Premium Shipping is another shipping option available on some AliExpress product pages. It is a faster, more reliable, and comparatively more expensive shipping method than Standard Shipping.

    Premium Shipping caters to orders shipped to certain countries. To check the eligibility of a product for premium shipping, one needs to verify the shipping information on the product page.


    AliExpress Shipping Time – What to Expect?

    The shipping time on AliExpress can vary greatly. On average, an AliExpress item’s delivery time is around 15 to 30 days. However, exceptions do exist. Orders placed during the holidays or when products are out of stock may result in extended shipping times.

    Factors Affecting AliExpress Shipping Time

    Several factors can affect the shipping time on AliExpress, including:

    • Chinese New Year or Golden Week This national holiday in China can last up to two weeks. During this time, many factories and warehouses are closed, leading to shipment delays.
    • Type of Shipment: The shipment type can greatly impact the waiting time. For instance, sea shipments will take longer than air shipments.
    • Seller Delays: If the product is out of stock when you place your order, the seller may need extra time to prepare the item.
    • Customs: Customs inspections can also cause shipment delays. These inspections can take days or even months.

    How Long Does AliExpress Take to Ship?

    The total shipping time comprises the delivery time and the processing time. The latter is the time required by the seller to prepare your order for shipping, usually taking one to five days. However, it can sometimes take longer for customized items.

    After the seller ships your order, it takes time for the package to reach the shipping company and be sorted. This estimated time is around five to ten days.

    AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking – The Process

    AliExpress allows users to easily keep track of orders using package tracking. To get a tracking code, you need to select a shipping method that includes an online tracking system.

    To track orders, log into your AliExpress profile and go to ‘My AliExpress’ and then ‘My Orders.’ Once logged in, click on the Order Number and select ‘Track Package.’ The tracking number will appear on the screen.

    The system generates a unique tracking number for the package once an item is processed. You can check the status of your shipment using this number and receive updates via email as the package progresses through the shipping process.

    Faster Shipping on AliExpress – The Options

    There are several ways to expedite the shipping of your packages on AliExpress. Here are two effective methods:

    • Contact the Seller: If you’re unsure about which shipping method to use, contacting the seller can help. They might be able to guide you to the most suitable method for your location.
    • Negotiate with the Supplier: If you’re reselling products, discuss shipping times with your supplier. You might be able to negotiate a faster shipping method, ensuring quicker delivery to your customers.

    Sorting by Shipping Country on AliExpress

    AliExpress allows you to sort products by shipping country. This feature is useful when looking for items that can be shipped to a specific country.

    Why Does AliExpress Take So Long to Ship?

    Multiple factors can cause delays in shipping. The main reason is that AliExpress sellers have thousands of warehouses across China. They ship products directly from these warehouses, often to an international destination, which can result in long shipping times.

    Managing Long Shipping Times

    Long shipping times can be an issue, especially if you’re reselling products on AliExpress. However, there are strategies to reduce the risk of delays:

    • Check the Processing Time: Before ordering any product, check the delivery processing time. This allows you to manage expectations and plan accordingly.

    • Dropship from the Selling Country: If you’re selling products to customers in a specific country, finding a dropshipper who can ship the items from that country can avoid potential customs delays.

    • Contact the Seller: If you’re uncertain about your package’s status, the seller might be able to provide more information.

    • Check the Seller’s Feedback Rating: The seller’s feedback rating can indicate their reliability. A high rating suggests a reputable seller who will ship your order on time.

    • Choose AliExpress Premium Shipping: For a faster delivery, consider opting for AliExpress Premium Shipping.

    In Conclusion

    Shipping times on AliExpress depend on various factors, including the shipping method used, the size of the item, its purchasing location, and the seller’s reputation. Although it’s common for orders to take less than two weeks to arrive, if you need your order sooner, consider using a private carrier or contacting the seller to expedite shipping.

    How does AliExpress Standard Shipping work?

    AliExpress Standard Shipping is the default shipping method on AliExpress. It provides basic delivery times at reasonable rates worldwide. Packages are consolidated and delivered through major carriers like China Post, Singapore Post, etc. Tracking is available.

    What are the advantages of using AliExpress Standard Shipping?

    AliExpress Standard Shipping offers affordable rates, package tracking, delivery time estimates, and basic protection. It’s the default option suitable for most orders.

    How long does AliExpress Standard Shipping take to deliver?

    AliExpress Standard Shipping delivery times are estimates and vary by destination. On average it takes 15-45 days to US/Europe, and 7-20 days to other Asian countries.

    How does AliExpress Free Shipping works ?

    AliExpress Free Shipping is a convenient shipping option offered by select sellers, where the shipping cost is already included in the product price. While this method provides cost savings, it’s important to note that the delivery time may be slightly longer compared to alternative shipping methods.

    What sets AliExpress Premium Shipping apart from AliExpress Standard Shipping?

    AliExpress Premium Shipping surpasses AliExpress Standard Shipping in terms of speed, ensuring shorter delivery times. While it may involve additional costs, the swift and efficient service justifies the investment.


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