How to Import Toys from China

The Ultimate Guide to Importing Toys from China

shipping toys from china

The global pandemic has changed the dynamics of everyday life, leading to a surge in demand for indoor leisure products. This shift has been a boon for the China toys industry, which has seen a significant uptake in sales. This guide provides essential insights into the process, benefits, and considerations of importing toys from China

Understanding the Rising Demand for Toys

The global pandemic has confined adults and children alike to their homes. With the shift of schools to digital platforms and the limitation on outdoor activities, the need for indoor entertainment has skyrocketed. Consequently, the toy industry has seen a substantial increase in demand. This current trend provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to import toys from China to satisfy this escalating demand.

For a comprehensive understanding of the global toy market, we can turn to Statista’s study on¬†per-child spending on toys across different regions globally. The study offers invaluable data on the average expenditure on toys per child in 2019, categorized by region, along with other pertinent statistics. Crucially, North America led the pack in terms of average spending per child on toys in 2019, reaching a figure of 300 U.S. dollars. The global toy market was valued at a staggering 90 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, with a majority of the goods sold in the U.S. toys and games market being imported.

These numbers underscore the lucrative potential of the toy industry and the opportunities it presents for businesses aiming to cater to the surging demand for toys, particularly in the prevailing global scenario.

Potential Markets for Importing Toys from China

When considering toys import, it’s crucial to target regions with high spending on toys. The following countries have shown the highest annual per-child expenditure on toys:

These markets present promising opportunities for businesses looking to import toys from China.

Reasons to Opt for Toy Imports from China

China is a global leader in toy manufacturing and exporting, accounting for over 50% of the world’s toy supply. Therefore, when you import toy cars, dolls, or any other toys, you’re likely sourcing from China. This dominance in the market means a wider variety of toys and less need for coordinating with multiple countries. With a reliable Chinese supplier and freight forwarder, you can streamline your toy shipments.

The Safety of Purchasing Wholesale Toys from China: An Overview

Safety is a paramount concern when dealing with children’s products. Chinese toy suppliers are expected to adhere to international safety standards. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to verify the safety certifications of your chosen supplier. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the toy regulations in your target market to ensure the toys are compliant.

Types of Toys You Can Import from China

The range of toys available for import from China is vast and varied. Regardless of your business’s specific needs, there’s a high probability that a Chinese manufacturer can supply the type of toy you’re looking for. Let’s delve into some of the options to give you a clearer picture:



Remote-control toys

From remote-control cars and trucks to drones, classic toys never lose their charm. People love them not just for the interaction they offer and the memories they bring back, but also for how easy they are to share with others. Plus, drones give folks a safe way to have some outdoor fun while keeping their distance.

Toy cars

Toy cars remain a perennial favorite among young kids. These pocket-friendly items are small and inexpensive, making them convenient to ship and stock. What’s more, they’re consistent best-sellers. By keeping a diverse selection on hand, you encourage customers to purchase more than one, as few customers are satisfied with a single toy car.

Educational toys

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only altered playtime for children, but also their education, with home-schooling becoming widespread. Parents are seeking innovative methods to ensure their children’s academic progress. By offering a diverse range of educational toys for all age groups, your business can become a go-to destination for educational playthings. This strategy can help drive repeat business as customers will come back for more.

Manga-inspired toys

Toys that draw inspiration from popular anime shows and manga books hold a special appeal for children, particularly now, as media consumption is at an all-time high among kids. These toys can range from action figures and figurines to plush toys. It’s essential to stock up on toys reflecting trending anime and manga to cater to this demand.

Baby toys

The demand for infant toys is high, especially in the current climate where many new parents are working from home while simultaneously caring for their newborns. When sourcing suppliers for baby toys, it’s critical to ensure they meet all relevant regulations and guidelines. Baby products are subject to rigorous standards, and discerning parents meticulously scrutinize them while shopping.

Science and STEM toys

Science and STEM toys for children are experiencing an unprecedented surge in popularity. These educational tools were in vogue even before COVID-19, but they’ve now become critical supplements to remote learning.

It’s wise to maintain a broad selection of science and STEM toys suitable for various age groups. Keep in mind, most families with kids have children of differing ages, so parents will likely be shopping for multiple age-appropriate toys.

Wooden toys

Reliable wooden toys like blocks or dolls never go out of style. They’re known for their durability, touch-friendly texture, easy cleaning, and their ability to spark creativity in children. When it comes to picking a supplier, quality workmanship is crucial. Toys should be devoid of rough edges to prevent splinter-related concerns. If the toys are colored, ensure the paint is long-lasting and adheres to safety regulations.

Electronic toys

Electronic toys with high-tech features offer a modern and thrilling experience for kids. Interactive elements like movement, light, or sound are a big hit among children. Parents tend to look for toys that cater to the unique preferences of boys and girls, so maintaining a diverse stock in terms of colors and designs can cater to each child’s taste.

Plush toys

Plush toys continue to hold a special place in children’s hearts, with most kids having a beloved stuffed animal. In these trying times, marked by the stress and changes brought about by COVID-19, the soothing presence of a cuddly toy is more crucial than ever. It’s important to offer a diverse range of plush toys, featuring various characters, animals, sizes, and colors. Prioritize suppliers known for their high-quality products, as low-grade plush toys generally have a poor market performance.

Understanding Import Taxes for Toys

The import tax on toys differs depending on the specific type of toy and the country of import. For example, an average duty rate of 5.63% is applied on plastic toy figures being imported into the United States. It’s essential to understand the import tax regulations of your target market before moving forward with the shipping process.

For more detailed information, refer to this article: US tariffs on toys from China.


Finding the Right Toy Supplier in China

Websites such as are widely recognized for connecting businesses with Chinese wholesalers. Yet, if your needs demand a more tailored strategy, reaching out to a Sourcing Agent stationed in China could be your next move. These professionals typically maintain strong ties with local vendors, assisting you in locating the appropriate partner.

Find out more here: Find the Best Sourcing Agents in China

How to Ship Toys from China

After you’ve picked the¬†toys¬†you want and found a¬†supplier, you’ll need a trusty¬†freight forwarder. Toys can be sent through express post, by train, air, or sea. The best way to send them depends on what you’re shipping and what your business needs. Your freight forwarder can help you figure this out. Once you’ve made your order with the toy supplier, you’ll get a rough packing list. Using this list and your shipping needs like delivery time and cost, your freight forwarder can find the best shipping deal for each toy shipment.

Cheapest Shipping Method for Toys from China

Sea freight¬†often provides the most economical solution for shipping toys internationally. Collaborate with your¬†freight forwarder¬†to confirm that this is indeed the most cost-effective option and that it satisfies your requirements. Keep in mind, however, that sea freight takes longer than express, rail, or air cargo shipping. If the longer delivery time isn’t an issue, then sea freight could be an excellent shipping method for your toys.

How to Find a Reliable Freight Forwarder in China

No need to swim in a sea of China-based freight forwarders. Save your time and simply get in touch with¬†Super International Shipping. We’re here, ready to give you a free quote today. We’ve got our feet firmly planted in China, and with our hands-on experience with worldwide shipments, we’ve got you covered for all your toy shipping needs.


Required Documents for Shipping Toys from China

Wondering about the paperwork needed to ship toys from China? The specific documents can vary based on the type of toys you’re exporting and their destination country. Nonetheless, most shipments from China typically require the following documents:

Commercial invoice
Bill of Lading (BOL) 
Air Waybill (AWB) 
Packing List
Certificate of Origin
CITES Permit
Import/Export Declaration
CE Certificate
Single Administrative Document (SAD)
Fumigation Certificate

If you’re uncertain about the exact paperwork required or need assistance in preparing these documents, don’t hesitate to contact us. With our years of experience managing shipping documents for diverse global shipments, we can ensure your documents are filled out correctly, saving you from potential customs hassles.

Wrapping it Up

China provides an excellent source for importing a wide variety of toys. With the right manufacturer and freight forwarder, you can confidently meet the increased demand for toys in various markets. Whether you choose to import toy cars, plush toys, or educational toys, China’s expansive toy industry can cater to your needs. So, when it’s time to make arrangements with a freight forwarder, contact a reliable service provider, and embark on your journey of shipping from China.

FAQ For Shipping Toys from China

    What are the benefits of importing toys from China?

    Importing toys from China offers benefits such as a wide variety of toys, competitive prices, and a streamlined supply chain due to China’s dominance in the toy manufacturing industry. Additionally, there is less need for coordinating with multiple countries when sourcing from China.

    How do I find a reliable toy supplier in China?

    You can use platforms like to find Chinese wholesalers. For a more personalized approach, you can contact a China-based freight forwarder, as they often have connections with local suppliers and can help you find a suitable match.

    What is the cheapest shipping method for toys from China?

    Sea freight is generally the most cost-effective method for exporting toys overseas. However, it’s advisable to consult with your freight forwarder to confirm the most economical and efficient option for your specific needs.

    How can I ensure the safety of imported toys from China?

    Verify the safety certifications of your chosen supplier to ensure they adhere to international safety standards. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the toy regulations in your target market to ensure the toys are compliant.

    What documents are required for shipping toys from China?

    Shipping toys from China requires several documents, including a commercial invoice, bill of lading, air waybill (for air freight), packing list, and others. Your freight forwarder can assist you in preparing and filling these documents correctly to avoid issues at customs.


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