Product Sourcing Services

Product Sourcing Services in China

Your Ultimate Partner in China Product Sourcing

In need of the right product from China? Look no further! At Super International Sourcing, we’re your all-in-one source for diverse product acquisition. Our expert product sourcing services are custom-fit to your distinct needs. Tap into our proficiency and let us pinpoint the perfect product for your enterprise.

E-commerce Sourcing for Amazon & Shopify

Struggling to find goods for sale on Amazon or Shopify? Your quest concludes with us! Our sourcing specialists are geared up to aid you in locating profitable, sought-after items that align with your e-commerce criteria. From pricing to materials, quantities, certifications, or specific manufacturing demands, we handle it all.

Collaborate with our dedicated team and reclaim your time to drive sales, delve into new niches, and grow your clientele. Entrust us with the sourcing so you can excel in the fast-paced e-commerce arena.


Expertise in China Wholesale Product Sourcing

On the hunt for wholesale deals or a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer? Super International Sourcing ends your search! Our customer service team is devoted to aiding you in discovering first-rate, reliable sourcing options.

Navigating trade with China is our forte, connecting you with the cream of the crop in wholesale suppliers. We do the groundwork, from communicating with suppliers to managing purchases or exploring dropshipping options. Rely on us to refine your sourcing and operational efficiency.

Custom Design & Manufacturing in China (OEM/ODM)

In need of cost-efficient OEM/ODM products to distinguish your brand? Chinese manufacturing is the key—the sweet spot of quality meets value.

At Super International Sourcing, our China sourcing experts are committed to evaluating factory capabilities for your custom product needs. We carefully vet suppliers to ensure they meet your custom sourcing and manufacturing demands. With our guidance, you’re on track to discover the perfect manufacturing partner to materialize your brand’s unique vision.

Benefits Of Our Product Sourcing Service

At Super International Sourcing, our primary objective is to streamline the importing process from China. When you decide to partner with us, you can anticipate a wide array of outstanding services and advantages that will ensure a seamless and stress-free importing experience. Here’s what you can expect:


Low MOQ Options for All Business Sizes

At Super International Sourcing, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to order sizes. Flexible MOQs are our specialty, ensuring you can source the best products, large or small orders alike, to fit your specific needs.

Access to a Wealth of Diverse Products

The breadth of China’s manufacturing capabilities is at your fingertips with our wide-ranging network of suppliers. We offer diverse product sourcing services, saving you the hassle and time it takes to find quality vendors.

Honest Pricing, Always

Transparency in pricing is a cornerstone of our services at Super International Sourcing. We guarantee factory prices, with our commission clearly outlined. No hidden fees, just fair pricing all around.

Rigorous Quality Control

Quality is non-negotiable at Super International Sourcing. We conduct meticulous quality checks to ensure the products you receive are defect-free and meet your high standards. Our thorough inspections mean you get only the best.

Quick, No-Obligation Quotes

We’re swift with our quotes, offering fast, free estimates from our pool of reliable suppliers. Our team is skilled in negotiation, ensuring you get excellent quality at the most competitive prices.

Expedited Lead Times

Once you place your order, our team keeps a vigilant eye on production. Expect up-to-the-minute updates and transparent communication, as we strive to deliver your order swiftly, keeping your business on track.

Diverse Range of Products Sourced


In the quest for superior furnishings, we’ve honed in on a selection of Chinese vendors offering diverse furniture options. Our in-depth supply chain insights enable us to guide you towards the best value, ensuring you maximize profitability while maintaining quality. Trust in our expertise to source furniture that meets your specific needs and boosts operational efficiency.

Home Decor Products

Seeking top-notch home decor from China? We’re your trusted partner, handling everything from sample orders to production oversight. Our mission is to deliver high-quality home decor at profitable prices, swiftly. Rely on us for sourcing, and shift your focus to business growth.

Clothes & Fabric

Clothing and fabric sourcing is our specialty. We excel in delivering quality apparel swiftly and affordably. Our industry know-how guarantees access to the best materials and finished garments, empowering you to satisfy customer demands and thrive in the marketplace.


With deep insights into China’s underwear and lingerie production, we navigate the intricate supplier landscape for you. We understand industry clusters, certifications, and customization needs, ensuring a seamless sourcing experience for your intimate wear line.


Our strong network with Chinese watchmakers positions us to source any watch type you require. From off-the-shelf pieces to custom OEM/ODM projects, trust us to connect you with the right factories to realize your watch vision.


Navigating the toy and board game manufacturing space is our forte. We aim to reduce supply chain risk and production costs for you. With connections to over 60 leading toy producers, we guarantee sourcing from reliable manufacturers, delivering quality playthings to your customers.


As your sourcing ally, Super International Sourcing finds you the best jewelry options from a vast network of wholesalers and manufacturers. We simplify the importing process from China, ensuring you get the finest jewelry pieces for your business without the hassle.


Our strong ties with Chinese handbag factories mean securing excellent rates for you. We are committed to quality, offering free storage and conducting stringent quality checks. Count on us for direct-from-manufacturer sourcing and let us manage the logistics while you grow your brand.

Plastic Products

Seeking a trustworthy plastic supplier for your business’s needs? We excel in connecting companies with superior plastic solutions, catering to all industry demands. From raw materials to finished goods, our sourcing skills ensure quality and timely delivery, streamlining your operations with ease.

Mobile Accessories

In the realm of mobile accessories, we’re your all-in-one sourcing solution, overseeing every step from procurement to shipping. Our agency is dedicated to facilitating your imports from China, offering high-quality accessories at competitive rates. Partner with us for a hassle-free sourcing journey, and let us take care of the complexities of international trade.

Pet Supplies

As pets claim their spot as family, the pet supply industry is booming. Don’t let the opportunity to source from China slip through your fingers. Super International Sourcing is your ally in this venture, specializing in a vast array of pet products. Trust us to link you with dependable suppliers and high-quality items, tapping into the burgeoning pet market.


Our team, equipped with engineers and seasoned buyers, meticulously reviews your bill of materials to secure the best electronic components for your needs. We’re committed to providing top-quality electrical parts that align with your specifications. Let us take charge of the evaluation and purchasing, so you can focus on what you do best.

Car Accessories

We offer comprehensive support for sourcing OEM and ODM car accessories in China. From sourcing strategies to supply chain and quality management, our expertise is at your disposal. Rely on us to navigate the sourcing maze, ensuring access to premium suppliers and products, and bolstering your business growth.

Lighting (LED) 

Leave the sourcing to us, and we’ll make acquiring LED lights from manufacturers to your warehouse a breeze. Our team manages every detail, guaranteeing smooth and cost-effective delivery. With our supply chain prowess, you’ll enjoy prompt and straightforward lighting deliveries.

Bags & Travel Accessories

Let us handle the procurement of your diverse bag and travel accessory needs. From backpacks to business cases, and sporty to outdoor gear, we’re here to streamline the process. Trust us to source the finest selection, allowing you to cater to your customers’ every travel necessity.

How To Work With Super International Sourcing 

Share Your Design Vision and leave the rest to us. Just tell us what you need: the specifics, how many, and when. With our expansive network and sharp sourcing tactics, we’ll pinpoint the perfect products for your business. We dive deep with vendor assessments and lay out supplier comparisons and cost options for you. Then, we step in to negotiate, ensuring you get the best deals.

On top of that, we deliver versatile logistics solutions (Sea freight, air freight, rail freight, express shipping and DDP shipping) to streamline your shipping, balancing cost and speed. And don’t worry about the paperwork; we offer complimentary consulting on import/export protocols and manage all the complex details for you. Partner with us for seamless sourcing and logistics, and watch your business run like a well-oiled machine.



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