What is Shipping Time From China to USA takes ?

Shipping Time from China to US 

When shipping goods from China to the USA, understanding the transit times for different shipping methods is crucial for planning and managing your supply chain efficiently. Below is a breakdown of the estimated transit times across various shipping methods.

Compare Shipping Modes by Cargo Type

Cargo Type Shipping Mode Speed
Small Packages or Batch Express Freight Fastest option
Hundreds KG to Tons Air Freight Fast transit time
10-12+ Tons Sea Freight Lengthier but cost-efficient

Other Factors to Consider

Seasonality, demand changes and current events may impact actual shipping times. Contact our experts for latest updates when planning your logistics.

With extensive experience across all modes, we can advise the optimal shipping solution tailored for your cargo and timeline needs. Reach out today to evaluate the best options for your shipment.

Alright, next up – let’s break down transit times by shipping mode.


What is Express shipping time from China to USA

Let’s check out how transit times and costs stack up between popular China to USA express delivery options. I’ve summarized the key differences in this handy comparison chart:

Let’s compare popular China to USA express Shipping options on cost and transit time:

Express Courier 


Transit Time

Key Notes



2-3 days

Fast and reliable



3-5 days

Cheaper but slower

SF Express


5-7 days

Best for Amazon FBA

China Post


7-70 days

Slow but very affordable



15-60 days

Extremely cheap but slowest

Key Takeaways:

  • FedEx is the fastest and most reliable option.
  • DHL balances cost and delivery time.
  • China Post and ePacket are cheapest but slowest.
  • SF Express great for Amazon FBA shipments.


This comparison chart sums up average cost and time estimates. But your specific shipment may vary. Connect with me directly to discuss the best express option for your needs. My team is here to guide you.


Let’s dig into key details on top China to USA express options:

  • FedEx is the go-to for reliability and timing control. Their IP and IE services fit different needs.
  • DHL offers cheaper rates, but delivery times can be less predictable with possible delays. Good for some flexibility on speed.
  • SF Express partners with other couriers for last-mile local delivery. Best for Amazon FBA shipments. Still new to broader service.
  • China Post is the most budget-friendly option but very slow. Popular for low-cost purchases from sites like eBay, AliExpress, etc.
  • China Post ePacket is incredibly cheap but takes 30-60+ days in reality, despite 15-25 day estimates. Major patience required.

So in summary:

  • FedEx for speed and reliability
  • DHL to balance cost and time
  • China Post for max savings on slow deliveries
  • SF Express or ePacket for Amazon FBA or bargain buys if you can wait

Bottom line: Connect with our team directly to discuss your needs. I’ll guide you to the best express shipping fit based on your priorities for cost, speed and delivery requirements.

What is the Air freight shipping time from China to USA

Air freight is the best fit when:

  • Cargo value is high
  • You need fast delivery vs. 30-40 days by ocean

But best for 500+ kg shipments. Below that weight, couriers can be just as quick at lower cost.

When using air freight, keep these points in mind for realistic timing:

  • Origin pickup efficiency
  • Customs clearance wait times
  • Airport storage durations
  • Destination delivery schedule

Factor in all steps to estimate full transit time. I can advise specific timelines tailored to your route and cargo.

The key is aligning expectations. Air freight won’t take just 1-3 days door-to-door in most cases. But it’s significantly faster than sea and a good fit for high-value urgent shipments above 500 kg.

Connect with me to discuss whether air freight is right for your cargo needs. My team can provide guidance based on your timeline, budget and shipping priorities.

What is the best time to book air shipment?

For best results, book air freight 10-15 days ahead of your target departure.

Why book early?

  • Ensures delivery in your desired timeframe
  • Gives you time to compare air freight agents and rates
  • Allows for sorting out logistics like local pickup

Booking air freight last minute can lead to delays, limited carrier options and higher costs.

Get ahead of the game. Discuss your delivery goals with me 10+ days pre-shipment.



When is the actual flight schedule?

When shipping by air to the USA, confirm the actual flight schedule for your route. Some destinations don’t have daily flights. You’ll want to align your cargo delivery to the air freight agent’s warehouse with the flight date.

This ensures your cargo makes the loading cut-off and avoids missed flight delays.


Pro Tip: Air freight agents typically provide 3-5 days of free warehouse storage before flight departure. But always verify – some may charge storage fees.

Get ahead of the game by connecting with me early to:

  • Confirm flight schedules to your destination
  • Align warehouse delivery timing
  • Clarify any storage fees
  • Set expectations for realistic transit timeframes

When the flight itinerary is confirmed, what is process Time line ? 

Air Freight Process Timeline

  • Supplier to agent warehouse: 0.5 day
  • China customs/loading: 1-2 days
  • Flight time: 2-3 days
  • US customs clearance: 1-2 days
  • Delivery to your warehouse: 2-3 days

Total: Around 7-10 days

Air freight takes more than just the flight time. By mapping the full origin to destination process, we can set realistic expectations.

I’ll provide accurate time estimates tailored to your cargo route and requirements. With advance coordination, air freight is still the fastest option for urgent large volume shipments.


One quick note – the timelines above are estimates only, to give you a general reference.

Actual transit times may vary depending on circumstances like:

  • Origin pickup delays
  • Customs clearance holdups
  • Flight schedule changes
  • Destination bottlenecks


When estimating air freight times to the USA, port-to-port averages are:

US West Coast

  • Shenzhen to Los Angeles: 5 days
  • Ningbo to Seattle: 5 days
  • Guangzhou to Atlanta: 6 days

US East Coast

  • Fuzhou to Houston: 7 days
  • Hong Kong to Denver: 7 days
  • Zhengzhou to New York: 8 days

US Central

  • Beijing to Chicago: 4 days


Of course, your specific origin and destination airports will determine total time in transit. These are just general ballpark figures.

The takeaway? Air freight to the Western USA is fastest, taking around 5-6 days port-to-port. The East Coast clocks in at 7-8 days on average.

And you can expect a quick 4 day journey for mid-America routes.

But at the end of the day, actual timelines depend on real-time conditions. I’ll provide accurate lead times tailored to your cargo, airports and preferred air freight forwarders.

Sea shipping time from China to USA

The procedure for container shipment is not as hard as you imagined. You can follow the below steps to apply for a specific container shipment.

What You need to consider before decide sea freight

Booking sea freight no matter in Full container load or Less than container load may seem complex, but just follow these steps:

  1. Get quotes from 2-3 freight forwarders in US and China. Ask them to break down costs like:
  • Ocean freight
  • USA customs clearance
  • Inland transportation
  1. Pay attention to shipping terms. FOB means the supplier covers China costs. EXW means you pay China fees.
  2. Choose the best option and book 15 days pre-departure. This ensures you get your ideal ship date.

The key things to remember:

  • Get itemized rates from multiple forwarders
  • Align with your supplier on China side costs
  • Book early to secure space
  • I’m here to guide the process!

With some advance planning, sea freight booking doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s connect to map out your optimal ocean shipping solution. My team will handle the heavy lifting every step of the way.

What is Sea Freight Procedure Timeline before depart from China 

  • Shipping companies release containers 7 days pre-departure. For a January 15 departure, start loading on January 8.
  • Complete China customs declaration before the CY cutoff date. I’ll confirm the exact date based on your schedule.
  • File ISF 10+2 for US customs before cutoff too. I’ll handle submitting this import data timely on your behalf.


Meeting key customs deadlines avoids shipment delays. I’ll ensure all required paperwork is handled so your freight stays on schedule.

With sea freight, upfront coordination is critical. Let’s connect at least 2-3 weeks before your desired departure.

Our team will align all steps with your timeline, from booking space to customs clearance to container pickup. Our goal is making ocean shipping to the USA smooth sailing for your cargo.

What is Sea Freight Procedure Timeline after arrived 

  • Shipment boards vessel, takes 30-40 days to reach the USA
  • US customs clearance process begins
  • Random inspections can add time, I’ll keep you updated
  • Finally, inland transportation to deliver to your warehouse

The key takeaway? Advance coordination is vital for smooth sea freight. I’ll align the China timeline and handle required paperwork.


When estimating sea freight delivery to the USA, average port-to-port transit is:

West Coast

  • Guangzhou to LA: 27 days
  • Ningbo to Seattle: 23 days
  • Qingdao to Long Beach: 19 days
  • Shenzhen to LA: 18 days

East Coast

  • Shenzhen to Miami: 44 days
  • Xiamen to Houston: 42 days
  • Qingdao to New York: 40 days
  • Shanghai to Charleston: 37 days

The takeaway? Sea freight to the West Coast is fastest, averaging 18-27 days port to port.

Sea & air freight + express Shipping for Ecommerce sellers

Many sellers utilize combination shipping services to balance cost, speed and flexibility:

  • Air freight + Express Shipping (UPS/FedEx) is 10-15 days slower than air alone. The extra handoffs add time. But it’s faster and cheaper than air freight door-to-door.
  • Ocean + Express Shipping (UPS/FedEx) is 10 days faster than container shipping. Faster vessels are used, and final delivery is expedited.
  • Ocean + Express Shipping (UPS) is ideal for Amazon FBA shipments. The streamlined process prevents stockouts and listing issues.

The bottom line – combination shipping optimizes for:

  • Affordability
  • Quicker delivery vs. single mode options
  • Inventory and listing management for FBA

As your logistics partner, I’ll advise the best service mix based on your budget, timeline and cargo needs. With the right combination strategy, we can maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Key Factors affecting shipping time

Festival holidays in China 

When planning China logistics, be mindful of major festival impacts:

  • Holiday demand causes booking surges and higher rates
  • Cargo delays are common during extended vacations

Key annual festivals to note:

  • Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb) – 14+ day holiday
  • Labor Day (Early May) – 3-5 days
  • Dragon Boat Festival (June) – 3 days
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (Early Oct) – 3 days
  • Golden Week (Early Oct) – 7 days
  • National Day (Early Oct) – 3 days

To avoid headaches, ship before big holiday periods. Otherwise you risk delays from backlogs.

Festival holidays in US 

In addition to China festival delays, U.S. holidays can also cause shipping disruptions:

  • Christmas – Carriers get backed up with holiday parcel volume
  • 4th of July – Long weekend reduces staffing
  • Memorial Day – Carriers and customs short-staffed
  • Labor Day – Warehouses and trucks operate at reduced capacity

Best practice is to avoid U.S. holiday weeks when scheduling shipments. I’ll help plan your transport timing to dodge bottlenecks on both sides.


In summary, the timelines we provided are general estimates. Actual transit times vary based on many factors. For real-time shipping estimates specific to your cargo:

  • Email me the details
  • Leave a comment with your route
  • Or book a consultation call

With decades of experience shipping from China, my team can guide you through the entire process smoothly. We’re here to help optimize your supply chain. Let’s connect to discuss your specific needs!


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