What are the Advantages and Differences Between SOC and COC Containers
What is difference between SOC and COC

Your Ultimate Guide to SOC and COC Containers in Shipping

Hello there, friend! Are you diving into the world of shipping and feeling a tad lost in the sea of acronyms like SOC and COC? Fear not, because you’re about to become an expert on these terms, and soon you’ll be navigating through your shipping needs with ease.

What are SOC and COC Containers?

SOC (Shipper Owned Container) and COC (Carrier Owned Container) containers are large steel boxes used for transporting goods across the globe, whether by sea or rail. SOC containers are owned by the shipper, offering more control over logistics, while COC containers are owned by the carrier, simplifying the shipping process for the user.

Benefits of SOC Containers

What makes SOC containers appealing?

  • Flexibility: You dictate the container’s journey, choosing the when and where.
  • Cost Savings: Eliminate rental fees from carriers, potentially lowering your expenses.
  • Freedom: Use the container according to your needs, free from carrier stipulations

Benefits of COC Containers

Why might you choose COC containers?

  • Convenience: The carrier manages all logistics, reducing your workload.
  • Availability: Containers are readily available when needed.
  • Ease: A hassle-free option for those not interested in the details of container management

Comparing SOC and COC Containers: Which is Right for You?

Choosing between SOC and COC containers depends on your specific needs:

  • SOC Containers: Ideal for regular, high-volume shippers who value control over their shipping operations.
  • COC Containers: Best for occasional shippers who prefer a more hands-off approach, avoiding the complexities of container management.

Personal Stories from the Shipping Frontlines


Isabella, a businesswoman who regularly ships goods to landlocked countries like Mongolia and Kazakhstan. She found that using SOC containers (Shipper’s own container) significantly streamlines her logistics process. Instead of having to unload her products from a shipping line container and reload them onto a different one at a transshipment country, she can keep her goods in the same SOC container for the entire journey. This not only saves her time and effort but also reduces the risk of damaging her products during the reloading process. Isabella loves the control and efficiency that using SOC containers offers for her complex shipping needs.


In contrast, we have Robert, who operates a business with fluctuating seasonal demands. He finds the convenience of COC containers more to his liking. With COC containers, he doesn’t have to concern himself with container upkeep or storage during his business’s off-peak periods. He values the peace of mind that comes with leaving the container logistics in the hands of the carriers..


Understanding difference between SOC and COC 

Alright, let’s break it down a bit more:

  • SOC container meaning: You own or lease the container independently. Think of it as a long-term investment in your shipping process.
  • COC vs SOC: COC is more about convenience and less commitment, while SOC is about long-term savings and control.

The Case for SOC Containers in Landlock Country Central Asia/Mongolia/Russia

Why SOC is the Go-To for Kazakhstan and Mongolia

In countries like Kazakhstan and Mongolia, SOC containers are often the norm. The reason? Many carriers restrict their COC containers from traveling inland, making SOC the practical choice. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Access: In regions where carrier facilities are limited, having an SOC container means you’re not dependent on the carrier’s presence.
  • Regulations: In some Central Asian countries, regulations may favor or even necessitate the use of SOC containers.

Inland Transport: For destinations without sea ports, SOC containers provide the flexibility required for complex overland journeys.

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Choosing COC Containers for Mainstream Destinations

The Popularity of COC in the USA, Singapore, Canada, and the UK


In contrast, for shipments to countries with well-established port facilities, such as the USA, Singapore, Canada, and the UK, COC containers are commonly preferred. Here’s why:

  • Convenience: Carriers offer door-to-door or port-to-port services, making COC shipping a hassle-free option.
  • Availability: The abundance of carrier-owned containers in these regions means you can easily find a COC container for your shipment.
  • Infrastructure: These countries have the infrastructure to support carrier services, making the return of COC containers straightforward.



And remember, whether it’s SOC or COC containers, the goal is always to ensure your cargo’s safe, timely, and cost-effective journey. Keep popping back here for the latest tips, tricks, and updates in the shipping world. We’re here to keep you informed and ready for smooth sailing ahead!


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